With eyes wide shut

It’s all in the eyes. Really, it is. If only we (as in, today’s society) would not look away as much as we do! We’re all always on the run, speeding somewhere, meeting someone, doing something. Too busy to catch a glimpse of who we are passing on our way. And when we do catch someone’s glaze, we tend to look away rather than to really look closely. We can even stare without really sééiing. If only we would have the decency to look people in the eye when passing by, to lock eyes when exchanging a few words and to really lóók when engaging in a conversation. There is so much more in someone’s gaze than in their spoken words. And honestly, isnt it instant gratification when someone does so? Like the cashier at the check-out, instead of mumbling the damage done, looking you straight in the eye? Or that person that accidentaly bumps into you on the streets, don’t you instantly forgive them when they give you a twinkle and a sorry-look instead of just walking on by? Just some eye-contact and a friendly nod or smile can make someone’s day! And it is such an effortless thing to do.

It bestranges me that it has become so normal to not do so anymore. Sure, I’m a smalltown girl, I’m even used to saying ‘hi’ to random passerby’s. When I moved to the big city, people looked at me like I was an alien when I did so. And I tell you, I felt horrible for ‘de-learning’ it! So I managed to get in back in to my habits a bit again. But seeiing people on the train not even taking the effort to look at the conductor or say ‘good morning’, that’s just wrong.

Also Ive come to realize that when Im feeling down, I tend to look away. Especially when people ask me how I’m doing. If only they would look me in the eye, they would see my watery eyes or notice my avoidant gaze. I know it’s my own fault for doing so, but looking away is easier than having to admit to your feelings. So from now on, I’m going to try and look people in the eye. Out of decency and out of interest.


3 thoughts on “With eyes wide shut

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