In February (2013) I challenged myself to post every day. And not just randomly post. Every day I challenged myself to write a positive challenge, for both me as well as possible readers to participate.

Why did I do this? First of all, Dutchies are apparently known for moaning and whining a lot. So hey, it’s in my nature. But since this is an eatingdisorder(ed) recovery blog (I suppose) I felt like it was focussed on all the negatives too much. However, recovery as well as life are not all negative! Shocker, I know, right?!


Positivity in general, as well as little challenges to focus on it, aren’t restricted to one single month though. And it is also good to keep reminding myself of these. That is why I created this seperate page, for everyone to comment here, re-read posts (and please also comment there if you (re)participate!) and to remind myself of these little challenges.

The positivity challenge:
1. A long, hot shower
2. Indulge in a new book
3. Take a relaxing stroll
4. Giggle like a schoolgirl
5. Send someone a card (offer still valid)
6. Laugh out loud
7. Make someone a compliment
8. Enjoy the sunset
9. Call someone
10. Bake something
11. Greet the day
12. Sing a song
13. Watch the sunrise
14. Love yourself
15. Make eye contact
16. Kick back with a movie
17. Dance
18. Breathe
19. Give someone a present
20. Say thanks for the day
21. Hug someone
22. Buy yourself fresh flowers
23. Visit a new place
24. Watch the stars
25. Snap a picture of something beautiful
26. Art journal
27. Do something scary
28. Write yourself a love-letter

I later added a bonus video. This post also contains a link to another (continuing) series called ‘motivational monday’, which can definately also be considered as positive encouragement!


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