About me

Mundanebrain: An attempt to make sense of all the (self-induced) chaos in my head

My name is Sooz. Now, who are you?

[PS; All pictures (including the background of this blog!) are mine. Please do not use them without my permission]

[PPS; If you want to see me in pictures, I have a post with a timeline of pictures covering quite a few years which you can find here. It’s password protected, follow the instructions here to get access!]


21 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey there, Sooz! :D Thought it’d be nice to stop invading poor Sophia’s blog… Would love to chat with you :D email?

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  3. Now this one is the best “ABOUT” page I have ever come across Sooz!

      • Hey Sooz! Well, I loved your blog and your writing are too intoxicating, I couldn’t resist myself but read and read!
        Well, I am just another teenager trying to fit in this unfit world, struggling hard for myself and making my parents proud! How about yourself Sooz?
        Whats up nowadays?

      • A lot is up. And sometimes I manage to write it down on my blog. Most of the time it doesn’t quite come out the way I want it too, though ;)

        Thanks for the comment, will try and keep track of your blog too!

        (hey, and why not make yourself proud instead? Just a thought…)

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  5. Hey, just read some of your past posts re binge eating etc…are you over it now? I’m not :( Also NOT exercising….and my guts and digestion are a mess …and I’m old in my 30’s :( Can’t even work, brain fog…..also, you said you were being published? You write? So awesome! Email me if you can/want.

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