New reader?

Hi to however just foud my blog using the search term; “typical miss world speech”.

Though I wouldn’t call myself Miss World (I know, I know, I am terribly humble), I am sure she would add some positivity into her speech. And, as she is likely to want to save the world and accomplish world peace, she would probably do herself a big pleasure exploring the world a bit first. So she could show off in her speech, being all worldly and all. Learn a few languages (you know, to address all those world-citizens that just chose her) to add to the mix and top it off with quite some (genuine!) smiles into the mix.

Be authentic. Be you. Show them you are what you stand for, that you’re pure, true and you mean it. Just take a deep breath, and take it all in. Stop pretending you are perfect, take in the moment and savour it. And people will see you, your true you. And they will know it’s good.

We’re all worldly misses. And gents. And we all deserve to shine bright like a diamond. So let’s


9 thoughts on “New reader?

  1. haha, thats so funny. Get you miss world!!! what would YOU wish for?? aside from “world peace” of course?! and how do you find out how people find your blog? thats fascinating, id love to know what mind digs up!!! :p

    • If there’d be anything ‘silly’ I would wish for, it wouldn’t neccesarily be worldpeace. It would be education for all. Though worldpeace might be even more of an amazing goal, education can lead to so many other amazing things.

      &On WordPress they feature searchterms on the dashboard page. I wouldn’t know how to find it using Blogspot. I am a complete techno-noob!!

    • Really? Of all the things you can accomplish, you’d love to be a Miss World?
      I’ve honestly never ever ever had such dreams. Peagents, modeling, etc. Never gave a rats ass. Though, honestly, I have always regretted not taking up the offer when I was presented (twice) because…. Not because its a career I’d want to achieve, but just because I later decided to adopt the motto ‘never try, never know’ as my own, and now I know I never tried that. Mmmmmmmmm mm

  2. Maybe that’s a sign, that you are really amazing!!!! I don’t understand computers, I think I found you from other blog…I think we all have something we can share..sending positive thoughts …lol

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