On the right track?

I’ve been M.I.A. for a bit, but I wanted to share a quote my mother sent me recently. I tried to Google search its origin, but haven’t found it. She shared it in Dutch, so I will take the liberty to translate it to English:

 You can say you’re on the right track, but that won’t get you anywhere if your train isn’t moving

Penny for your thoughts? 


5 thoughts on “On the right track?

  1. Trains do rest on the tracks some of the time..

    But I get your point….keep moving…..and moving on the ‘right’ track is the best.

    I think there are different rates of speed of movement. It’s not move or don’t move…it’s move at the pace that feeds your soul, keeps you growing WHILE you go at the pace that is enjoyable most of the time.

    Send me a penny now – Hee Hee Hee.

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