Plan of action

Plan of action, in no particular order:

– Sort out my sleeping, or, the lack thereof
– Not return to my parents’ place for at least a few weeks, and if I have to, no longer than one night max.
– Sort out my sleeping. ASAP.
– Sign up for a try-out yoga class
– Sleep, please. SLEEP.
– More coffee dates for laidback socializing
– Sort out the man-situation
– Sleep more
– Get going on my thesis
– Explore my new neighbourhood
– Sleep. Really, I need sleep


Sounds all quite do-able, non? It does. I can tackle these. I will. Plan of action will start NOW.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW to feel better?


15 thoughts on “Plan of action

  1. Best luck on sorting out your sleeping issues. I am to a point right now where I am sleeping fairly well after having not most of my life. I find it helps to have a steady bedtime routine. Hope you find something that works for you!

  2. They’re definitely do-able. But the coffee-date and need for sleep contradiction did make me smile ;)

    Get your sleep sorted first because it’ll be easier to get your head around other stuff when you’ve had a rest. I got into an early night routine and easily sleep for 9 hours +. Doesn’t have to be early for you, it’s just what worked for me with work etc, but try and get a set(ish) time x

  3. Funny — I am on a 21 day journey to a better sleep schedule, too. I had to start again yesterday because I realized for the past seven days I hadn’t been firm enough with myself in setting limits.

      • I keep having to start over. One of the hardest things I have ever done! At first I was loosey goosey (go to bed between such and such time) — yeah, didn’t work. I learned I am going to have to set rules and I HATE RULES.

      • Hehe, I hate rules as well. I should delete Instagram and WhatsApp, would save me a lot of phone-staring at night. But nehhh ;)

        Also; with NOTHING in life do you ever need to start over. In fact; you cant! You are your past, you carry baggage. You can move on, you can improve, you can do a 180, but you can and will always incorporate the things you learnt in the past. That’s not a bad thing; that’s an advantage!

  4. Those sound like needs not a plan of action. What are the steps to make them happen?

    Sleep is also a number 1 need for me right now too. No caffeine is neccessary. Even a little in the morning will affect sleep later that night. that’s just me. But I wonder if that might be an issue for others too. Taper down or off caffeine if one can’t stop all together.

    I’m putting on these amber sunglasses at 8 pm to cut out the kind of lite from computers and others, that keep the mind in active awake mode. I’m still not willing to give up my before sleep movie or mystery but the sunglasses might help.

    There are a bunch of other things I’m going to be trying out to see if they can improve my sleep.
    (IMO) a plan of action need doable concrete steps and usually setting dates of when you will carry them out. A plan of action might need to take into account what kind of supports or resources you need. Maybe not. Sometimes you can just I’m going to do ‘X’ and you just do it. But if you can’t or you procrastinate then you might need a more refined plan.

    Hope that isn’t too much stuff…but that is what is in my mind and from experience.

    To feel better….right now?…..planning to go to a dance tonight for which my hubby and I compiled favorite dance music.

    Love Ya…

    • My body does not respond to caffeine that much, especially not my normal milky coffees. They are my happy drinks so I can’t cut them out, hihi. But I did decide to try a week(this past week) of no after-five-PM caffeine. It didn’t help ;)

      My plan of action was: Making sure I went to bed in an eased state. Which means: NO BINGEING. Quite a big ‘thing’ to ‘simply do’ but I managed. It helped a bit. Also, getting out of the house more, more fresh air, was part of the plan. Fresh air helps with the tiredness in the end of the day. So yeah, no late night coffee, more fresh air, no binges, feeling more at ease throughout the day (which meant, leaving my parents’ place after a week which is where I don’t feel comfortable and going back to my own house ASAP, which I did and helped tremendously), and not getting out of bed and turning on my laptop if I cant sleep. Staying in bed, with a book if I have to, but not relying on heavily lit tech appliances as a pastime in bed!

      I slept a wee bit more past week, a few nights of about 5-6 hours (which is double from the week before), which means I am now even MORE tired haha. But Ill continue the plan of action as much as I can!

      • That is a lot of great action!!!
        There are so many variables just for the sleep issue alone. I hope you get some deep rejuvenating glorious sleep soon and ongoing.

        Love to you.

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