A gift that keeps on giving

……. And this, in three minutes and in words so beautifully gathered in an amazing parable, is why I know this illness or addiction in my life serves a greater good. Because it is an unwanted, unexpected and incredibly challenging gift, that will keep on giving. It has shaped me in ways nothing else could have. It has given me truckloads of baggage, which, sure, at times are a heavy haul, but there are some real hidden gems inside there too.

It’s only three minutes, please watch it. Remember, there is a greater good behind all of this too.

Keep fighting <3


4 thoughts on “A gift that keeps on giving

  1. Dear Sooz,
    Thank you, thank you! What a beautiful message.From this I perceive that as I have been faced with illness, the life changer for me that stands out is empathy to others that face adversity.I would not as she has shared ‘I would not wish this on anyone’, however I think I probably am more insightful and do look at things differently. I am extremely grateful for those precious moments in life, like a beautiful sunset. I think I am much more compassionate to others, and have an understanding that as humans, I believe we all have challenges, they may look very different, however as humans, we are NOT islands, we need each other.Thank you for this message of hope and looking for the positives, even when faced with what looks like incredible hardship. Sending support, strength, and joy in your life, as you more forward..lol
    Love Ziggy

    • Yes, exactly that. More compassionate, literally more understanding of hardship, and more appreciative of beautiful things in life. If you have time. Another TED talk (a long one, if you have time I can look it up) someone spoke of how a cold body part makes us appreciate the warmness of the rest of our body. Same with this. Hard ships learn us to appreciate the good stuff more :)

  2. I can’t ever manage to compare my eating disorder or addiction with an illness like Cancer. Nope.

    I see what you mean though, as I believe that God weaves together for good all things… he does not lead us to or cause devastation but he leads us through it and usually to a place closer to “Him” <– or, a more spiritual state of existence.

    But yeah…. I can never compare an eating disorder with a physical illness because I believe that we have more ownership at all stages of our ability to "cure" or "heal"

    Sorry that is just something I get bishy about LOL.

    Ps- I bet you would give a great Ted Talk.

    Who votes Sooz does a vlog soon?


    • Oh Lord no! I do not by any means want to compare it to cancer. As I mentioned in my picture post, I think an ED is an addiction, and I do think those are all very comparable.

      I posted this TEDxTalk because I thought it was incredibly inspiring. How she manages to place things into perspective, a perspective I feel is the most helpful; Yes, it was tough, no, I don’t want anyone to go through this, but I came out a more whole and rounded person because of it.

      Vlog……. oh Goya, not too sure about that ;)

      PS, this is the other talk I mentioned : http://www.ted.com/talks/joshua_prager_in_search_for_the_man_who_broke_my_neck.html. it’s long, but the man has a way with words! wow. Again, I am not comparing my addiction to nearly dying in a car crash. It’s the things he says and how I feel I could incorporate it into my own life. “In the end, our mandate is clear: We have to rise above bad fortune”, and ““What makes most of us who we are most of all is not our minds and not our bodies and not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us.”

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