Three years of blogging

… And lost all my readers.
Kidding, kidding. Not like I’ve been posting anything to read, anyway!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while now. Apart from a random video and a random comment on others’ blogs every now and then, my blogging mojo as well as my blogging motivation have gone missing. Mostly because I am not doing well, and therefore keeping my life un hold. Which means, basically, I ain’t got nothing to tell. Also, I do not want this blog to become a negative outlet. The only way to change my blogging attitude is to change my life-attitude. And that is by going out and living it, instead of staying inside getting fatter and waiting. Waiting rarely brings anything good, does it?

I know sometimes people say that you will appreciate things more after having to have waited for them. However, life is waiting for you. Your life is waiting to be lived. Not the other way around. 

It is time I start following my own words of wisdom. Practice what I preach. In the meantime, you can follow me via this link (or add me on Insta itself), where I do post regularly, mostly to keep my eyes on all the gorgeous things I have seen and done. Most of which I tend to forget about when I feel how I feel right now.  So a few times a week I make myself go through personal pictures and post some eye-candy.


Happy three year blogiversary to MundaneBrain


12 thoughts on “Three years of blogging

  1. Hi Dear,
    I’m here too, stopping by regularly to see if ya posted something. I like you.
    I can understand how it is difficult to keep posting on the blog for periods of time, when your head space is in a different place.

    However, I’d like to challenge your position of not posting negative stuff. Why not?…Why not use the blog for the part of you that is struggling and put it into a larger frame of the overall goodness of your life, the gift of being alive even when it’s hard or dark or ick-o blick-o??….It can have the effect of helping others to see that you also – being a human – have difficulties and we are all in this together. And when you let us see your troubles, you give us the gift of letting in our giving loving attention to YOU too. I won’t harp on about it as I know there are many ways to heal and it doesn’t HAVE to be via a blog.

    PS. I won’t be visiting your Insta….I’m not signed up for that. I have a limit as to how much of the social media stuff that I participate in. I want to live in real time in the real world and it’s so seductive to keep adding social media. I don’t even have a cell phone…..I’m a bit of a ludite and won’t be adding facebook or insta or anything else beyond what I already do with bolgging. That already takes a lot of my time….sitting….in front of a screen…..alone…..when I’m a movement based animal being…..I just wanted to explain since I won’t be taking you up on your suggestion and it’s not because I don’t want to be in-touch with you.
    Love you.

    • Hi Gel! Thanks, as always, for your insightful reply. I have thought about what and what not to use my blog for, and as most readers know I have whined and bitched on this blog like it was my job so very often. Which I don’t mind, as long as there’s also some insight/action following from it, or positive messages to counteract. Right now, it feels all doom and gloom and I am not sure how that can benefit anyone, me or readers.

      I totally understand about the not following! You can just check out that instagram link I posted without officially following (that’s more what I meant anyway), because I try to update it multiple times a week with pictures that make me feel good. That page has become a more positive outlet for me, which means it might also be a positive reinforcement for others. No strings attached, completely understand if you wont. No hard feelings!

      I will continue to read your blog and I will continue to feel inspired by it!
      Love, Sooz

  2. Seeee, people ARE still here!
    Im totally feeling where you are coming from, hiding away and waiting for something… anything… nothing? Well it isnt a good way to live a life that is so ripe for the living is it. Im gonna email you cos as always your timely message on my blog has provided me with a well-needed sooz QN sesh! i hope you’re ready!
    thankyou for checking in, i have clicked the link so i can see a bit of whats going on with you… :)

  3. Snap!

    I should follow that advice but I don’t… I think about it a lot. You can’t get rid of all of your readers Sooz because we just won’t bugger off! Especially when someone as lovely as you is having difficulty. Sorry about that :)

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