A broken body isn’t a broken person

I am still alive. And kicking.
…….. Myself, mostly.


I am spending the lost moments (between working and Uni stress) watching boat loads of TEDxTalks. Here’s just one of my faves of today.

I’m still reading you. I am still thinking of you.
You are in my <3


13 thoughts on “A broken body isn’t a broken person

  1. Thinking of you all the time and sending you love and support and hugs. You are not a broken person, no, and you have left an impression on my life that I will always be grateful and blessed for. <3 <3 <3

    • I am reading your blog too. Sorry for not commenting regularly anymore. Too little sense comes out right now to do your heavy hearted posts justice. But just know I am on your cheer team!

  2. “this wasn’t just my life, it was everybody’s life. I realised that this wasn’t just my pain, it was everybody’s pain……..”

    thinking you of, sweetie!

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