In conversation with myself

> Sooz, why is it that you hate yourself?

< Because I abuse myself. And because I allow myself to do so.

> Then, Sooz, why do you allow yourself to abuse yourself?

< Because I hate myself.

* Collage from 2011


14 thoughts on “In conversation with myself

  1. you are so good at collaging. i love

    you really have no reason to hate yourself. darkness is in everyone. learning to love it is a process, one that should be treated tenderly and gently. remember the good bits, too. remember and maybe you might feel them like you feel your “badness”. i love you mama, nice to see your voice again.

  2. I’ve missed your updates Sooz! It didn’t feel right to ‘like’ this post, but I can understand your thoughts about it. xx

  3. Hey there snooze,
    I wonder if putting on paper, in a creative style, as you have done. For the PRESENT moment, I think, every moment is different, life changes continually, I relate. Sometimes looking at a deeper why? to this may help understand it! Sending support and POSITIVE, HEALING vibes and compassion to your beautiful heart, yes, it’s beautiful, whether your inner critic agrees or not!

  4. Hi
    I’ve been thinking of you today as I put together a play list of dance songs for a community dance this friday. Thanks for the interactions we’ve had over the months that have helped me let go and move forward and getting back into dance – a little. It will be the first public dance that I’ve made the music line up for in 4 years.
    Wish I could give you a hug.

    Thanks for posting and letting us know how you are a bit.

  5. *hugz* right with you there…
    sometime u just have to live because others love you :D and surely, if they can do that, there’s something worth loving about yourself.. you.. just haven’t found it yet .. Keep kicking! :D

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