*Mine. Thank you Z&S for reminding me


6 thoughts on “Floating

  1. Thanks for sharing , I think it’s important to honor what your feeling , fighting it for me makes the mental gymnastics too overwhelming . I think it’s important to flow , as long as you STAY CONNECTED! You really are NOT alone, look around, I’m pretty sure, there will be support. I’m cheering you on from the side lines. Sending compassionate thoughts to your ‘little self’….lol

    • Oh wow…

      My lady told me how we are all in this big ocean together, and how we all have a boat. When we’re still swimming/drowning, it is perfectly fine (totally recommended, actually) to let yourself be dragged up onto someone else’s both for a while, to catch your breath again. But in the end, you have to keep going until you find your own boat back.

      Also, I read this quote yesterday (I didn’t look it up, it showed up in town right after I posted this); Boats might be safest in the harbour, but it’s not what boats were made for.

  2. totally unrelated, but thatnks for the pop-in hun… you’re like the little voice of sanity on my shoulder that reminds me that i AM a damn dinosaur! so that ED better run… cos im on the rawrr-path. BAHAhahaha!!!

    (oh dear, its sad how funny i find myself sometimes :p)

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