Vulnerable  and open

Torn to pieces by internal forces
Ripped apart by my own monsters

Without warning signs, attacked
the little voices in my head



12 thoughts on “Words

  1. I can relate, I wonder if personally I give too much power to these, ‘cruel voices’ inside. I don’t think of them as ‘ little’mine are too loud to be little! Standind in your corner ready to ‘ take on’ some of this meanness . You are worthwhile , you are beautiful, you deserve GOOD things. It may sound unreal, that’s exactly what these voices will tell you. Listen to your heart, look at yourself as a ‘ little girl’, she needs you to get on her side. Fight for her, she IS worth it!!!!! You may feel alone, believe me , your not . Stay safe, please take care of you…lol

      • That ‘little girl’ misses you! If you go to my blog, I have written to my inner child, it was helpful to do. I try to remember her, I know she’s inside, it’s easy to forget, especially when your ED in on what my T, calls, ‘throwing a massive two year old tantrum’. My ED has a ‘party in my mind’, at times, I still get scared. I also have learnt other ways to try to COPE when it gets LOUD!! Wishing you well, I hope you may ‘go to her’ just sit with her. See what it is your heart, soul and inner child needs, I suggest it will NOT be what these ‘cruel voices’ are screaming!!!!…….lol

  2. First, question, are those tulips wilted? I was staring at your photo for a good 10 minutes trying to work out why they were upside down…

    Secondly, I think we are our own worst enemies, and no one can ever be as unkind to you as you can be to yourself, ever. I know I’m the same, but I think if other people treated us the way we can sometimes treat ourselves we wouldn’t stand for it.

    I know we only know each other through the interwebz, but you come across to me as a lovely and sweet person. Stop listening to your head (unless it tells you you’re awesome! Then listen to it. :) )

    I hope you’re ok anyway.


    • Yes, tulips. I came home and found them like this.
      Best part? I left them in my (cold!) kitchen overnight, filled up with new fresh water and they’ve been upright
      ever since (full two weeks! What the heck!)

      You’re right, we are our worst critics. At the moment it’s more a feeling of raw, open vulnerability than true hatred though, which is a change..

  3. expressing your truth…yes.

    little voices. little loud voices. you don’t have to listen to them, you don’t. i agree with ziggy — listen to the ‘little girl’ instead. she needs you and she needs you to hear her, hold her, and be with her, always. listen to the voices that lift you up, no matter how quietly they mumble. listen, and they will get louder.

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