Wednesdays words of wisdom

This is what my tea said to me when I woke up


(Yes, my tea speaks to me sometimes)


13 thoughts on “Wednesdays words of wisdom

  1. ~~And, this morning, my coffee said to me “You can either face this beautiful day, or fall back in bed with dread”. My coffee was very wise and I chose to be alive and active today. Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger~~And thank goodness for coffee & tea.

    • Coffee is Always super helpful as well! ‘You can either fall back in bed with dread or face this beautiful day. If you choose the latter, Ill give you a little helping hand getting started!’ ;)

      • I faced the day, and so grateful that I did. I was able to speak with my best friend, and she helped me out of a little hole I had constructed for myself. Now tomorrow, I get to do it all over again! In many ways, one day at a time, surely, and also – as you said – enjoying all the little moments, and making the most of every hour, as best we can. Sounds Pollyann-ish, perhaps, and putting on those big-girl pants one leg at a time can be tough, but do-able. And, was it Woody Allen who said that 99% of life is SHOWING UP……..

  2. So true.

    The director at the treatment center I went to is known to say “If y’all devoted just HALF as much energy to your recovery as you do/did to the dis-order you’d be done right now.”

  3. Not sure I understand or agree with, what the tea message means. but getting more out of what you and other commenters have written.
    Honestly, I guess I get triggered by ‘this or that’ – either/or statements..I get triggered into challenging the black and white perspective. I will see if I can look more deeply into why that bugs me. I get thoughts like “well why can’t you fall back into bed and do some deep breathing into the dread and see what it has to say?”. and then get up…

    You make me think…and be aware! Thanks

    • No there’s nothing wrong with falling back into bed. At all!! If that’s what you body and/or mind are longing for, go for it. Im all for granting yourself whatever it is that you feel will help you.

      What the tag on my tea said to me, is that I sometimes get too sucked up into feeling like I suck (did that make sense?). I spend so much of my energy on feeling crap and on thinking how to do it ‘differently tomorrow’. And what spoke to me here is that I should just spend that energy of feeling crap and analyzing it on actually positivying (?) myself. Energy is a precious thing,, why not use it?-ish?

      • Yeah that makes sense. That’s why I wrote that I’m getting more out of the comments than the tea bag thingy. And as I’ve gotten to know you, I keep seeing how wonderfully you are supportive of doing what truely feels right for you.

        I know I get stuck in negative thinking. Sheesh that is a big one. I’ve come to realize that it’s one thing to accept the thoughts but when they run on and on and on like a broken record then maybe it’s time to substitute with other thoughts and actions. Harder to implement though.

        So good for you for positivying yourself!!! sounds like progress. Even just reading it sounds like good energy.

  4. I am celebrating this thread on your blog, because everyone is bringing Their Own World to these comments — and it is still “working”, as a way to exchange ideas and thoughts.
    I struggle with getting out of bed, and if I don’t make that leap of faith, one foot on the floor, brush my teeth, take my medicines — then that does not bode well for me.
    Also, I loved the idea of showing up for life, but more, OPENING UP for LIFE.
    How does one Open to Life?
    Sending loving thanks to all who come here to share……

    • I Always love the comment section as well. I’ve never understood bloggers who don’t reply. Most of the action comes from the comments!!

      How does one open up to life… Whew. Well, getting up and out of bed is a good first step I think!! And not being as rigid and structured as we sometimes tend to get? By staying stuck in our own routines we miss out on what is actually happening. Going with the flow, but then, not letting it continuously whirl you over? By going with the flow I do not mean we should let everything just happen. We, too, need to stand our grounds when it comes to acknowledging our feelings and needs

  5. Thank you from my <3.
    Today I awake in scared-dom. Am dealing with some stuff that makes me scared – as if on top of a mountain, and where are the railings anyhow?
    I just may go where the flow seems to be….in the scared parts. Gel has often talked of going there —
    So thank you, thank you.
    And I sense that is how I would open to life – well, my life, today.

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