Monday Motivation / Musings


I wanted to share this, because it resonated with me.

Why did it resonate?

Because, while writing someone two weeks ago, in my mind I jumbled together the following;

‘You are exactly what, where and who you are supposed to be’.

Now, I am not calling copyright on this. I am sure other people, great minds, have written this if not similar things. But, it made so much sense. I so longer for this person (and everyone reading this!) to be able to feel that. To feel that they were just right being them. To not Always feel like having to compromise a little something here, to change a little something there. To add some, to deny some, to diminish some.

It has become so natural to so many of us to continuesly renegotiate ourselves. Who we are, what do we stand for, what do we want out of life, what is our purpose? Why, or why not did something happen? Shouldn’t we, or couldn’t we have?

If only we could grasp to this inner truth of being just right, would be such a powerful thing. As the above picture says, we have all we need to deal with all we face. Because we are enough, we are just right! And by acknowledging that, by feeling that, grasping it, we can use it. See it as the powerful burning flame inside us that it is and let it warm us up from the inside. Glow, gleam, shine, beam!

If we would use that flame inside us as a beakon of hope and power instead of continuously burning our fingers trying to manipulate it. When we stop questioning all that we are, could have been or should be. It would leave so much energy to channel in other directions.


10 thoughts on “Monday Motivation / Musings

  1. I totally get this. To be allowed to just…be. Be crazy/silly/funny/introvert/extrovert/whatever the hell you want and for that to be enough. For that to be ok. xx

  2. oh darling.. i just read this over. and over. and over. I love the first quote you put up. but the second bit.. “You are exactly what, where and who you are supposed to be’. I’m so torn in 2 minds about that. I know what you mean. We should be ourselves, not what we hope, expect or are expected to be. Yet .. does that mean we’re forever destined to be just that? Do we not change? Because I’d have hated to think back to when I was ill that THAT was what,where and who I was supposed to be. Because it wasn’t. I suppose then there’s the distinction of who I really am versus ED me. and who i am now and who I have the potential to be. But that’s what gets me in a bit of a mess..when will I ever be satisfied about who I am? striving to be better, and better and better does it ever end?

    aaaah.. you always make me think :P

    • No actually that’s the opposite of what I mean.

      I don’t mean you never change or never should change. What I mean is that, while changeing, youre still who you’re supposed to be. Because you ALWAYS are. You are ALWAYS what, where and who you are supposed to be.

      I am not saying that while in ED, you were the happiest version of you. But that period will at some point belong to your past, to your ‘luggage’, so to speak. It will shape you into your future you. So the old, the current, the future you; they were all right the way they were, simply because they all make YOU.

      Did that make any sense? Make it clearer what I meant?

  3. true… I get what you’re saying.. but then there’s the trap a lot of us make.. if i am who i’m meant to be, maybe I shouldn’t take any steps to change who I am, because then I’m not “me” .. heehhee.. bit of a cycle this..

    on a side note.. geez.. i’m wondering why I’m not getting notifications for updates from your blog.. bit weird this…

    • But you don’t “have to” change. You can stay stagnant and deny what’s going on only for so long until change will inevitebly happen.

      That is really weird. Did you subscribe by email? (on the left bar?)

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