Wednesdays words of wisdom

Apparently I am sticking to some familiar series posts right now (fun friday, monday motivations and wednesday’s words of wisdom), but I am too busy with deadlines to write a proper post. However, these words of wisdom found me at the right (vulnerable) time, so I’d still like to elaborate on them.

An arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it back. So when life drags you back with difficulties, that means it is going to launch you into something great.”

I have no idea from who the quote originated, and googling doesn’t seem to bring forth the answer. I found it on a tattoo website (I scan those religiously on down-days), and a girl had a tattoo of an arrow on her wrist. The quote was her explanation. And it struck me (no pun intended) as a wow.

An arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it back. I tend to get so hung up on the bad. How I am so down now, more than ever or whatever, and how I can’t see this ‘ever getting better’. Which, honestly, does not help the process of getting anywhere. But the downs, the setbacks, however large, are always interpreted (by me) as the worst thing that can happen. And I tend to get comfortable in the gutter instead of trying to get back up myself , or even accepting a helping hand to get me back up.

But what if the down, the gutter, the setbacks – what if they are all just a ‘calm before the storm’. The pulling the arrow back. The deep breath before a wild ride. What if it’s just a moment of preperation before the good stuff starts?

‘From the dark, you can see the stars’. I love stars, the moon, the cold crisp air the nighttime brings. I missed it so much when I lived in a 2-million people/skyscraper city. But by reading the first (arrow) quote, I realized I might be getting a little too good at making myself extremely comfortable in the dark. However great the stars are, we all need light. We are like the most gorgeous flowers. We need light to grow, to bloom and to blossom.


So, from now on, I will try to be a bit more mindful about getting too comfortable in my gutter. About accepting a helping hand to stand up straight again. Because however great the view at the stars might be from that gutter, I, too, need some sunlight in my life. Maybe the setback is a pull back, maybe this will all launch me into something new and amazing. Maybe I’m about to fly and boom. Hit bullseye. Or whatever target or goal. Or just keep zooming. Freely.

Or, like Cupid’s arrow, touch hearts.

*Free translation; May I find some light, to live with a gleam of hope
*Exact translation; May I find some light, and live in its traces
*Made in (mid)2012 (my own, obviously)


2 thoughts on “Wednesdays words of wisdom

  1. That is gorgeous… I think I like the exact translation better.

    Zoe, I wish I knew what your gutter was…or where it was. What it is all about.
    But more than anything I wish YOU could love you as much as others do.. and I know we both like ourselves, and that we love lots of things about ourselves… neither of us can truly say we LOVE ourselves.

    Love is a doing word.

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