Monday Motivations

A video again? Well, yes. Because I can’t say it any better than this lady can. So go and watch and mostly; listen.

(Zoe, this is like you in my brain)


6 thoughts on “Monday Motivations

  1. Gosh… that really made me think about my feelings and issues around “pretty”…. I tend to forget that at one time this WAS an issue with me, as it is withh all girls. Sigh.

    We outgrow it, for sure… but I sit here now and reflect again upon days when I was more.. caring. Also how I feel about my own looks now, which I tend not to think about it.

    I guess this post motivated me to dig and analyze myself which is good because usually …. GLITTERPEANUTBUTTERJESUSRAINBOW…
    Wait…what was I saying?
    Oh yeah, usually I get distracted.

    • Sometimes thinking things through is good, trying to figure out why you do or feel or think what you do. However, truthfully, sometimes thinking is overrated and it’s doing what we, well, should be doing?

  2. I’m too lazy to download this……..I can’t just click on it and watch. It would stop every 3 seconds and pause for a minute or two….quite irritating. Husband says to download it first then watch later ’cause different items take different lengths of time to download…so it could take a few minutes or a few hours…..bleck with techno….or we are too cheap to buy more expensive internet to solve this.

    So I haven’t watched it. But I come to your blog to see what you have to say.

    Maybe I’ll challenge myself to download it now. And watch later…if I remember to do that. Ha Ha.

    I hope you are having a good day.

    • Haha no problem Gel!! Its not of life-saving proportions. She does a little vent/rant about beauty, and it was rather enlightening to watch her vent the way she does. You feel her relief when she gets the words out or something

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