Fun Friday

The story behind this video is; The owners of this place (and of the dogs) would find puddles of water every time they came back home. They suspected the neighours kids to be using the pool when they were out, so they installed a hidden camera. This is what they found:

What do you do when you’re home alone?


4 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. Hmm. Home alone… Well I’m never really , really alone as I have two dogs, one is only a puppy, so they are pretty much with me or home. I don’t really know if I was completely alone, I’ve had that experience when I was younger, didn’t like it…I think I would put on something i.e radio, computer, tv. Only when I really have no energy do I go to bed in silence, still have the tv on without sound..I’m a only child so I am used to getting out, or amusing myself! Thank for the

  2. SING! I sing loudly when I’m in a good mood at home, sometimes I try to keep quiet so the neighbours don’t hear, other times I don’t care! x

  3. As a kid I would always sleep better if I heard people talk as well. If not IRL, then the TV would do just fine. Funny, didn’t think about that in a while. I havent owned a TV in five years and don’t have radio signal either. I do turn on YouTube really loud every now and then!! (Im always home alone though so Im cheating)

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