Tuesday thoughs

My mind has been…. full, lately. And mindfullness is very different from mindfulness, I can tell you.

There have been things. Overwhelming things. Uni is getting the better of me, again. Life is, too. And so am I. I am overwhelmed with myself on too many levels right now. To say I am thriving would be a lie. Plus I am swamped in catching up with Uni work and trying to figure out my next steps. And to top it all off, three people have passed away the past three weeks, my aunty’s funeral this saturday hopefully being the last in a long while time from now on.

I do not want this to become a Debby Downer post. Mostly because I want to stick to some positive affirmations in my daily being. It is all too easy to drown in the dark. So instead of doing just that, I thought I’d pop in, explain my possible absence here and there and share a lovely picture I took earlier this week.


While I am not at all a cold-weather girl (hey, Im way more exotic on the inside then you’d ever guess if you’d see the tall white-tushed chick typing here), but I can definitely see the beauty in the snowed-under world. As long as the sun is out, that is. Plus, even Buddha looks semi-contented, no?

*Insta is mine


11 thoughts on “Tuesday thoughs

  1. There’s a huge difference, on my blog, I’ve got a useful picture,. that shows this difference, if you have time, have a look…sending calming thoughts to ‘busy’ mind!…lol

      • Sorry about your losses, I lost my partner and three close friends in a short time, I wanted to say, try to honor your grief. Sorry I didn’t comment on this earlier , it took me back. Sending compassion and healing…. Please try to be kind and gentle with yourself!!!…lol

      • It was nearly six years ago now, so the pain has lessened,…life is full of ‘tests’. I hope to honor him by recovering the best way I can..some times it’s soo hard, I do try to look or rather remember the great relationship we shared!

  2. <3 The loss is hard I am sorry. ((hugs))

    Sometimes being frozen over for a while is a good thing. Like that Buddha.
    But I hope things thaw out soon (inside and out).

  3. I’ve been mind-full lately and bumming around with Debbie Downer….I got into the garden and that is shifting the trend.

    I love the photo.

    I wish you well.

    • I hope Debbie Downer leaves the party soon. Otherwise, try and have a chat with someone else to shift focus.

      I wish I had my own backyard. The picture is at my parents. I live in the centre of the city and I have no free space for roaming here. Makes me sad!!

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