Mute weekend musings

So, here’s a weekend post. And this time……. I am going to do a mute post. This one image led to so many emotions and thoughts, I have no way to find the words right now.

But maybe you can? Let me know in the comments


*Source of picture unknown


10 thoughts on “Mute weekend musings

  1. I just wanted to pop in and say – you are precious and I’m so glad to be your friend. I just have to catch up with you more often – things have been a rollercoaster for sure. Love and hugs xxx

  2. Hey there lovely , good question? I have been working on looking at expectations, of myself and of others recently. Then word expectations comes to mind about, when I read this, I have really had to look at this , it has been a challenge! What do I really want, at the moment most important to me , would be peace in my thoughts and accepting where I am in recovery. I do realize there’s more to life and the world than this, for now that would be my

  3. Nope! I’m the same way! Even crazier! I started reading russian again and my head is spinning of confusion between 4 languages… But the point is not that! I’m really difficult with words.

  4. that’s a great question isn’t it? and one I’ve been asking myself for a while now.. ><. Depends on what you mean about satisfied. Problem is… no one ever gets everything they want. Which in essence means that no one is ever satisfied. Yet you can have everything you need, which is enough to keep you happy. Satisfaction may not equal happiness or vice versa. I think.. its time to lower my expectations. Because once you reach a goal, you'll always be able to find something harder to reach. and again. and again. rinse. wash.repeat. it never ends. Because satisfaction is only brief and fleeting. SO sometimes its good to step back.. and just identify ALL the SMALL things that you're satisfied about.. rather than the big thing that you're not. And focus on being happy- because that sure as hell lasts a lot longer than satisfaction alone.. ( for some reason i get this image of a happy dog versus a fat smug cat in my head.. perhaps it's time for bed.. almost 4 am after all, might be hallucinating :P..)

    • I dont think getting everything you want is what is needed in order to feel satisfied. Quite the contrary might proof to be true. For me, satisfaction resembles a state of…. surrender to reality? Not in the despaired, desperate kinda way, but more an all-accepting sort of state. A sort of… Being and letting be? I crave that type of satisfaction, that type of steadyness. I think satisfaction for me has more to do with balance than bliss? Ugh I don’t know, I need to ponder about this a little longer

  5. “You can never get enough
    of what you don’t need
    because what you don’t need
    never satisfies”

    I put that quote on my refrigerator last week.

    • Mmmmmmmmmmm I like it. But, if I think about it for too long it loses some of its strength. “What you don’t need never satisfies” – I dont know. Sometimes you need to make do with what is there. And then the things you thought you didn’t need can turn out to be as helpful as it gets. If you can’t have what you need, make use of what you have? Or something…

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