Wednesday’s words of wisdom

This monday I decided to do a (long due) Monday Motivation again. Today it is time for another long due series post; a wednesday’s words of wisdom.

green green grass

We all get into a slump sometimes. And oh how easy it is to stay stuck in there. Sometimes it’s just easier to convince ourselves that that is just how it is, or even how it’s meant to be. Others can recover, others can get better. Others can recover without blabla. Others are wiser. You are just blablablaBLA. It’s so easy to compare and then judge yourself. To put yourself on the lowest step of your imaginary ranking. This is life, we are all human. There is no hierarchy. We are equals.

We should stop frickin’ comparing.

Instead of pointing fingers, we should lend each other a hand.

Stop judging. Not just others, but stop judging yourself. We can continue to list out our own flaws, and flat-iron someone else’s. The irony is, the other will probably be doing the same thing. It’s so much easier to name brilliant things about someone you admire, when it is so hard to name even one amazing asset of yourself. I know the popular saying is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. However, think about this one for a minute;

The grass is greener where you water it

Isn’t that so true? If you keep putting someone else in the spotlight, only allowing yourself to wither in the shadow, how can you expect green grass? Grass doesn’t grow in the dark. It needs both water, light and space. So why not claim it. Claim your light. Your water. Your space. Find out what makes you grow. Your essentials. You cannot grow in (self imposed) shadows, you need and deserve to be acknowledged. Loved. Your soul needs nourishment, just like the grass needs water. Your body deserves to be nourished like that too. And you deserve to claim space. To settle, to ground in. And if your space has a big fence, or a big tree, or a big whatever blocking your direct sunlight, you need to cut it down. Weed out the things depleting your soul soil. You deserve to grow and bloom and blossom

*My feet 5 yrs ago, anklet was replaced by my two ‘wedding-bands’ a year later. Pretty darn green grass though


14 thoughts on “Wednesday’s words of wisdom

  1. Wonderful post, thank you so much. I was talking to some people today and we all agreed, it’s ok to compliment others, but our self was much harder. Love that concept of ‘water your own grass’, so true ,I leave my ‘garden’ without water and wonder why I hear so much ,’neg’ stuff, I think it’s really important in recovery to ‘ pat yourself on the back’ . Sending compassionate thoughts …lol

    • Nothing will grow in deprived soil, you know? Like, everything needs nutrition and light and so many other stuff to grow. It’s so silly to pretend we are the exception to that

      • Thank you for all the positive work your doing,it’s a wonderful way to start the day.I hope you are benefiting as much as me! I blog with someone, we often say,’we need to be our own cheer leaders’. I think I’ve spent way to long listening to the, ‘neg’ stuff, now is time to be more gentle with myself. It’s going to take some practice!…lol

    • Thats what the whole blog thing is about for me. Sometimes I think I am being a hypocrite by writing positive posts. But mostly, I write them as much for me as for anyone else. I think we all need the reminders

  2. eeep?? it.. should have long long…. looooong… been there? er.. unless your country’s as weird as aus and not let things like wood in ( put in a blessed pencil from the temple)…….. oh nooooo…………. >< hope it's just… a little lost…

  3. oh.. malaysia’s a whole different ballgame.. :P I sent a card from here in christmas and it arrived 2 months later for chinese new year. my friends mum thought i was absolutely bonkers… ><

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