Work stress

As of yesterday, I became an online published journalist!
Well, technically I already was, but this was the first ‘biggie’. Plus; my very own pictures were included. I was kinda excited, can you tell? Much stress and frustration went with it, so it felt good to see it finally appear online.

I’m not posting the link here as I don’t want it to be traceable to my blog (plus it’s in Dutch, however, Google Translate works wonders). Those who know my Facebook can find it there, otherwise you can email me. However, it’s not that important haha, don’t worry. I just wanted to share!! ;)

(And however much I sometimes dreaded the everyday posting thing, I’m sorta missing the everyday connection to you all. Silly nah?!)


13 thoughts on “Work stress

  1. CONGRATS! That’s really exciting,I hope when you ‘hear’ from your negative self, you can remember this as ONE of your many gifts…soo proud of you,,well

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