A Positive Month; The round-up + an extra

I know I just said both you and I were relieved the daily postings here were over, but bear with me.

Positivity Challenge; the round-up!

1. A long, hot shower
2. Indulge in a new book
3. Take a relaxing stroll
4. Giggle like a schoolgirl
5. Send someone a card (offer still valid)
6. Laugh out loud
7. Make someone a compliment
8. Enjoy the sunset
9. Call someone
10. Bake something
11. Greet the day
12. Sing a song
13. Watch the sunrise
14. Love yourself
15. Make eye contact
16. Kick back with a movie
17. Dance
18. Breathe
19. Give someone a present
20. Say thanks for the day
21. Hug someone
22. Buy yourself fresh flowers
23. Visit a new place
24. Watch the stars
25. Snap a picture of something beautiful
26. Art journal
27. Do something scary
28. Write yourself a love-letter

I just completed an entire month of daily positive challenges. Today is March 1st, to my own surprise mostly. How time flies!! But funny enough (I didn’t know this when I started the February challenge), today is Dutch National Compliments Day. I couldn’t not-share this with you, of course. So one extra challenge we already did this month (the seventh), just because repeating this (and the others!) challenge doesn’t hurt at all.

Give someone an extra compliment today. And yourself. Not the least for bearing with me this month of daily ramblings!


5 thoughts on “A Positive Month; The round-up + an extra

  1. Spent the arvo with someone quiet new. gave her a compliment, was a step to be in new space, her home! I actually like giving compliments to others, except myself!…gave it a go …lol

    • And I quite simply adore thee Miss Miller! Your wit, humor, positivity, smile, glow, strength, perceverence, honesty, music taste ;), beauty, etc!! There’s so MUCH about you to love! What would be a compliment you could make yourself?

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