A Positive Month; Day 28

You guuuuys!! This is the last post of the month. The last post of the challenge. I don’t know who’s more relieved, me (for not having to write a post every day) or you (for not feeling semi-obligated to comment and pretend you participated hihi). But, lemme tell you how dedicated I am to this thing. Its 1:30 at night now, and I am h-a-m-m-e-r-e-d. And typing. I know. That’s true love right there baby.

Speaking of which (oh man, smooth bridge right there), today’s final challenge is all about luuurve. And not just any. Its self love. Yes, again. I knooow, I asked you before but this is sort of elaborating on that. You know, very educationally sound and all, to build upon your previous knowledge (this is my inner pedagogue speaking here). So, today’s challenge is…

28.         Write yourself a love letter.

I realize this takes a bit more time and effort. You can try if you can squeeze it in today, but if that doesn’t work out, just get the stationary ready and leave it in sight! That way you can try do it tomorrow (and not forget about it). Plus, the weekend’s coming up, which might leave you a little more space to do this little challenge. Because honestly, I think this one is kiiinda huge, as in, steps/self-accomplishment/self-acceptance wise. Like, a serious challenge. I didn’t save it to the last day for nothing! (yes I really did think this silly challenge through more than I’d like to admit).


I think the Valentines challenge is a big first step in this. By thinking about little things, separate parts of you (be it physical, emotional, responsive or whatever!) that stand out to you as okaygoodawesomebeautiful, you take the first steps into acknowledging that hey, you’re really not all that bad. Now, acknowledging you’re really not all that bad isn’t at all yet saying you love yourself, but we’re doing babysteps here.  And you deserve that self-love.

Today’s loveletter can consist of telling yourself you care, for realz, and that you maybe care more than you’re currently able to admit. Or you can write your future self, write your future self about how much you love her(/him) and how hard you’re working towards that future together. Doesn’t that sound like something doable and beautiful? Write your future self how much you love her and how hard you’re working towards that future together? (I know I just typed that but I’m drunk and it really does sound quite lovely right now)(to me it does at least. To you as well?)

I really hope you can see how investing some time into this letter, even if it doesn’t turn out to be an actual letter but more or less an extended version of the Valentine’s lovely-list, could be helpful to think of and to keep around. How writing it down, black and white, touchable and visible, about thing you appreciate about yourself, is really like officially acknowledging you’re really quite alright. And how that is just a first step into actively discovering more of those bits. Keep that list growing. And when in doubt, get that list and read through it. Even if you feel like crossing something out (those legs that carried me around the world? TREETRUNKS!!) you will have to think about whý you once wrote that down and how you felt back then. Then really, if you really think about it, you will understand again how those legs (even if they might feel like tree trunks right now) really did make you go wonderful places and do amazing things.

So, a loveletter, or a love-list. To yourself. Because, as the almighty L’Oreal already said; you’re worth it. And hey, if L’Oreal says it, it must be the factual truth!


(I think if I’d write that loveletter while drunk, it would be verrrry lovely. As you may or may not have guessed by now. I’m a very loveydovey drunk. Apparently. Over)

*Familiar heart-picture (avatar), from Morocco. Old, but still lovely, and it’s all my brain can think of right now.


8 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 28

  1. Hey thank you for all your time and commitment, loved all the challenges[ well they are challenges, so not so easy!….] I hope all that were involved were as grateful, great job! love to YOU!!!…lol

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