A Positive Month; Day 27

As I said, the last few are going to take a bit more time and courage. Yesterday’s challenge is a time-consuming one. I’m curious if any one of you will complete it (and show it, maybe?). Today might be time-consuming, it depends on what you turn it into…

27.       Do something scary; dare yourself

It’s not called a challenge for nothing, right?

This can be anything. Eat something or somewhere scary. Call someone you haven’t for a while. Go out and meet up with that friend who you’ve been postponing for weeks months a year. Tell that one person how you feel even though you fear their response. Apply for that job you saw in the paper. Just do something you feel is a bit scary!

My part of the deal? I’m meeting up with 3 people the coming two weeks (all separate dates) that I haven’t seen in months and some even longer. I finally gathered the guts to set a date. Aaaand I contacted a certain someone who… Oh well, long story and not getting into that, but let’s just say it involved me running around the city crying a full day before I was able to do that. The joys of hormones

Oh, and I sorta semi-changed my blog. For a person who doesn’t really handle change well, that was a challenge in itself! ;)

What are you challenging yourself with??


19 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 27

  1. hmm.
    This one is a head scratcher for me.
    I’ve been doing scary things a lot lately.
    However, you know what is the most scary thing? Asking for help when you need it.
    I will remind myself to do that.

  2. This is very good. In fact it could be part of a regular self inquiry, to ask yourself what would be scary to do…that would show me where I have some unfinished business that is probably weighing me down.

    So for me what is challenging? Meeting with an old friend tomorrow to talk about the community dances that I used to compile music for. He asked if I’d make more music compilations for the dances…but it is complicated by old painful interactions with one of the other people who has been in charge and who I’ve decided is not a healthy person for me to be around….complicated story…but to even talk about it with my friend is scary. But I’ll at least talk to him that is one baby step I’m willing to do.

    Thanks Sooz.

    • Yes it can be quite confrontating if you really allow yourself to admit what is scary, non? Good thing you’re going to give it a try tomorrow. Sometimes people do surprise us by how understanding they are, so I hope the meeting goes well!

      • I just thought I’d let you know that I did meet with my friend about the dance music project. As I expected it was a mix of wonderful to connect with him AND challenging to deal with my fears and how to express myself and how to deal with what I could realistically offer.

        I did tell him that I could offer one compilation for one dance in a month or so but that I am practicing taking small steps and therefore could not commit to more right now.

        Even though I thought I was clear and realistic…I’ve spent a lot of yesterday, last night and today thinking and feeling about this. And I fear that he will have heard what he wanted to hear more than really understanding what I was offering…this has happened before with him….

        But I’m glad I did it and I have my husband to give me support and his wise input on how to keep going forward.

        THanks for your month of challenges. You are a creative dear soul!!!

      • Just stick to your own plan. If he wants more, that is his problem. As simple as that. And you focus on trying to make one wondrous piece instead of stressing out over multiple ones!

        Do you have a recording of one of your compositions? I’m dying of curiosity!!

      • Thank you….that is a good piece of advice…I do get easily swayed by what other people want. My commitment to taking tiny steps is helping with that.

        It’s a compilation of other artists music. Not my composition. I select and sequence music to dance to. I’m good at it. It’s a little more than just selecting great dance music but includes how you sequence the music to give the crowd swells of energy followed by different moods and paces.etc… but I have to learn the newer technology for using a lap top and downloading music. I used to compile and burn on CD’s but that is passe now. Geesh…It was actually my husband who did the CD burning. I’m old. But I still love to dance like a young person.

      • I agree with the first part…age is a number.

        But vitality is also in the body in my experience…though vitality is not dependent on age.

  3. Thank you for this, challenge, it really do can at a good time. I had been really nervous about something I started talking about, I was going to cancel my appointment in fear, read this and thought it may be a ‘sign’ I did end up going, it was painful, I do want to move forward so I need to NOT avoid core issues, in order to move forward in recovery..long ROAD!…lol

    • Im so glad you went ahead and faced those fears!! It rarely ever happens that they end up being as horrible as you created them to be in your head. And even if they are, you already ‘incalculated it’ in your mind anyway! Core issues should not be avoided, defo. Tough shit though, but all the more important to work on it. Babysteps it is!

  4. I always have the best intentions… so if I when I get my collage done I will show ya for sure.

    And now today?
    It feels scary just to be existing in this skin.
    So .. as I leave work I will promise myself to dare to do something tonight — don’t know what, but I will know it when the time is right.

    • Your skin is not scary love. It’s not. *I know*, but it’s not. Your skin is lovely, soft, loving, flexible, sensitive, tough, amazing, very able and beautiful.

      Looking forward to your challenge and your artjournal! be well xx

  5. I love your new look blog :)
    I went to a public library not just for a quick grab-book-and-leave visit but hung round for a few hours. Also I met up with friends last weekend and am doing it again this weekend with some different friends – and that terrifies me!
    Love and hugs <3

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