A Positive Month; Day 26

Well, since yesterday you might have already collected something that caught your attention. Something nice, cool, fun, positive, beautiful or whatnot, today you can take it one step further. I realize this challenge is not something you do in a minute, so don’t worry about it taking a little longer. Today is a nice day to start, it doesn’t mean you have to finish it as well!

26. Make a collage of amazingness

SAMSUNG*After a long night, the sun, tackles, life, unexpectedly, waking up, takes me a while

When I was really struggling, I had a period where I’d lock myself up in my room, spread out hundreds of cut-outs on the floor around me and artsyfartsy with it. I scrapbooked my entire closet (which I now don’t have a picture of because it’s the one at my parents’ place) with photo’s, inspiring words and texts, and random images. And I had an art-journal.

I still cut out words and pictures regularly. I just never journal anymore. Not in words, not in scraps. Nothing. And this post made me go back to my old artjournal (well, old, the most recent one is late 2012) and it really hurt. And made me wonder, maybe I should invest in some therapeutic (art)journaling again?

SAMSUNG*Kiss me, as therapy, or give me, butterflies, alternatively

Nobody ever told me to do this, nobody ever said it would help. I would always jokingly call it my creative therapy if my roomie would come home and find me in the middle of all my mess. But maybe it was more therapeutic than I realized back then.

*Both are positive cut-outs. Most of my artjournal entries are dark and black. That wasn’t really the intention of this post. Maybe Ill share them later? Even these two are quite something to share.. I’ve never ever shared any bits of my journals before today

Do you do any creative therapy (even if its just you keeping yourself busy)? What type? Do you (art)journal?


7 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 26

  1. i am wondering why i didn’t already know this about you. it makes me love you even more — they’re so beautiful! perhaps you already have the creative/theraputic outlet you need. it’s really lovely art, you’re making expression. i wish i art journaled, man. creative outlets of mine: singing, dancing, hooping, writing, photography, aaaaand stuff.

    have a good day :)

    • It was you who made me (re)consider starting again bee. I didn’t even start regular journaling again yet. Though I think this might be more of an outlet. I just haven’t found a way yet to allow myself to create time to do this.

  2. I was lucky enough to enter art therapy, in late March last year, it’s been of really amazing help to me. I do a lot of mandalas, which I use symbols and COLORS, to put ‘on paper’ what’s in my head. For me,personally ‘getting these strong emotions on paper’, is helping me work though, not avoid! I also to some cut out things, my whole relapse prevention plan was full of all the coping methods, I’ve learnt in day programme though out the year. I still do mandalas most mornings, i find it of great benefit….lol
    p.s I call it ‘art’ , it’s really colors that I’ve made important to me, though trial and error!

    • Oh how lovely! I used to do mandala’s all the time when I was in highschool!! So calming, the repetitive patterns and being able to fill them in with different colours depending on your mood!

  3. I’ve been art journalling again! My old book is full of cut outs, and drawings and stuff.
    I bought some fineliner sharpies,and I’ve been having so much fun with them in my book, and on other stuff. I thought about getting a light coloured plain bag, because they are permanent you can write on anything and figured I’d make a bag design.

    I love sitting down with my books/pens so relaxing, and fun! :D

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