A Positive Month; Day 25

Almost there lovies! Only three more days of challenges to go. A little heads up warning though; the last three are going to take a little effort. I hope you are up for it!

As I mentioned this past week, this month of daily challenges posts have been challenging for me. Not as much the challenges themselves, but the commitment to having a post ready every morning. That, plus that I decided to get a little more personal images-wise. This past month I have posted a lot more pictures (even some that featured little old moi) than ever before. Today, I would like to see one in return.

24. Snap a picture of something beautiful that caught your attention (to positively greet the new week!)

I recently got myself (an old, handmedown) smartphone, and now I have Instagram! Welcome to the 21st century Sooz!


I know many people have the possibility to snap a picture quite easily, and today, I would love to see something that caught your attention. Just a lil’ somethin’ that made you smile!

&Do share!!

*Coffee and the paper. How does that not make you smile?! Thank you barista!


7 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 25

  1. Welcome to 2013 Sooz.. wait I’m still catching up! Can’t get instagram on my phone which annoys me no end. Are you on FB?
    I will def snap a picture… when it stops raining :( Or maybe i’ll take one of the rain!

  2. I love doing so! However I usually miss the most amazing things as I freeze mesmerized my them.
    I love your picture! You should put more of them here!

  3. OK.
    I can take a picture but I don’t know how to down load it yet. My dear husband has that chore, he does it at work so he can resize the photos and then sends to me. They have to be transferred to a certain folder…oops now I’m revealing the level of dysfunction that i’m at with technology.

    What is more important tho is to have the eye to see what would be a nice photo and to want to take a picture of it to share….maybe this will happen. But it’s a grey rainy day here too.

    I might dance in the living room instead, OK?

    • My technical skills aren’t that much better, I’ll admit…. Hihi. They call me “vintage” for a reason I suppose!

      Dancing is álways a good idea! Looking forward to a “beautiful thing” that caught your eye maybe later!

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