A Positive Month; Day 24

I am pretty sure you guys  are fed up with me, sending you out into the cold (no that doesn’t go for you Melissa) to stare at the sky. I asked you to watch a sunrise and a sunset already, as a way to register the beauty that nature throws upon us every single day. Today, I’m adding something to that little list.

24. Watch the night sky (if tonight is cloudy, save this one for later this week)

Why the night sky? Wasn’t the sunset fulfilling enough?

I watch the sunset to come at peace with the day, however rough it has been. The galore of colours, spread across, for everyone to enjoy just brings a certain sense of appreciation. But the night sky to me is something special as well.

Sometimes, when I really don’t know how to kick my own ass back into gear, when I’ve been stuck in a cycle for too long (whichever cycle it might be that time), when I feel down, lonely, angry, sad,… I tend to stay stuck in this mood of misery. My dog has been a huge relief there. Having to take her out to walk can be a ginormous task. During the day, when I don’t feel like I can face the world, I either have to face my fears, or ask someone else. Asking for help? Ha! So face my fears it is.


However, during the nightly walks, every single time again and again I am astonished over how calming the cool, bright, starry nightsky is to my soul. I can’t quite explain it, but breathing in the crisp air, taking in that complete silence; It opens my heart. And it makes me realize how silly cyclical my week has been and how I should get back on track. And every time again and again I wonder why I didn’t think of taking a nightly walk sooner…

I wrote something in my diary years ago, that said; In the dark night, no one will judge me. I suppose that sums it up. I don’t feel as self-conscious about the physical me, which creates some space for me to become self-conscious about the non-physical me. It allows me to ponder in a non-self-judgemental way. And that creates space for comfort and a little refreshing reality check here and there.

So tonight, take a little stroll underneath the starry sky. Breathe in that fresh air, see which signs you can decipher in the stars and greet the moon with me (totally romantic; we’d be greeting the same moon!). And take some time to self-reflect in an open, non-judgemental way. The dark is blind. In the dark, no eyes can judge you, so why would you judge yourself?

*No,that’s  not Disneyland, that’s a Mosque. A gorgeous one! @Istanbul
PS; Somehow yesterdays Insta didnt get through? I edited it back into the post


11 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 24

  1. This is so beautiful, Sooz!
    And challenging! But I want to do this one badly. So I wait until the sky clears up a bit and I could fall in it and loose myself… maybe just for a while!

  2. oh i understand what you mean!

    darkness is strangely comforting, i think it’s why i never want to go to sleep at night. and why i wear sunglasses compulsively…it’s like, you are hide a bit of who you are in the dark or believe it won’t be noticed.

    also, are you on instagram :)?

  3. It’s rainy here so it’s not really possible to go out. But I’m so glad you wrote this. I love the stars. Love them. I spent countless nights outside gazing up at the sky when i was going through the hardest parts of my life. You are right, it’s calming. It always reminded me that no matter how trapped I was, no matter how bad my life was then, there was a whole world out there, and that this was only a small splinter in the great scheme of things – it kept me hoping, kept me going. Kept me believing in some greater power, too, because you can’t be out there, under that sky, and not be in awe of this amazing world, and not know there is something miraculous and powerful out there to create this – and that helped me keep faith in a time when I’d felt abandoned and alone and lost faith and trust.

    • That Universe of ours definately is awe-ing! I always find it so humbling to go to the other end of the world and still stand under that same sky-roof. It’s not the same-same, as in, the stars are located differently, but it is still the sky. With that same moon. Amazing!

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