A Positive Month; Day 23

I told you before how refreshing it can be to keep an open mind to positive things around us, even though we think we are seeing the same things over and over. The touristic outlook on your own neighbourhood might make you spot so many things you didn’t even notice before, let alone registered as special.

Let me tell you this first; I used to be a creature of habit. Actually, it was just that that made me decide I had to cut all ties and backpack through Asia for a year. Just so I could be free of my routines, and all the ‘my …’ I had established. Now, I realize that’s a tad bit radical, but it worked. By doing that, I became way more open minded. Now, I will try that temporary ice-cream flavour instead of going for the same old. I do not need to wait in line until the most-left toilet becomes available. I don’t need to plan ahead the days, schedule each moment and check ahead an online menu. I don’t care. But still, when I meet certain friends for coffee, I go to a certain place. When I meet other friends, I go to a certain other place, etc. I buy a certain brand of coffee, I walk a certain route to the station and so on. However, most of them are natural habits. Certain friends just like that café a lot, and the route to the station is the quickest. When I am alone, I can get coffee somewhere else, and on my way back home, I usually take a different route.

However, sometimes we forget to actually explore. I can bump into a new café, gallery, shop or whatever and then realize it’s been there for three years; I just failed to notice. I keep postponing visiting that new museum, – which, really, isn’t all that new anymore – because , oh well, one day! Etcetera. But today, I challenge you to not postpone. To broaden your horizon a bit;

23.       Visit a place in your own town you didn’t visit before

(Be it a park, a museum, the library, a coffeeshop, whatevz)


Whatever may be the reason you didn’t go there before. You either didn’t notice, didn’t think it would suit you, didn’t take the time to go exploring or your friends told you not to. Google some touristic tips for your town, or take matters into your own hands. Go exploring and who knows what’ll happen!

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15 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 23

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of this! Seeing my city from a new perspective. There are some amazing facebook pages at the moment that have gotten me all fired up – urban exploring pages where they go to abandoned buildings and photograph them, pages of historical photos where we can see how our city is the same and how it’s changed, so much more. They make me look at everything around me differently. This is my fave https://www.facebook.com/AbandonedBrisbane?fref=ts

    Love and hugs to you <3

  2. This is one that i MUST do… i am really bad at having and sticking to ritualistic routines. how much i must walk, what routes i take, where i sit, what time i do certain things… the list goes on and on and sometimes i wonder why on earth i make myself stick to these routines when they so clearly DONT matter!!!
    This is one of the main reasons ive decided to go off travelling for a year, and reading about your experience – i am hopeful that this will kick those bad habits out of me :)
    Any advice or info you have about upping sticks and travelling while still having some weirdy tendencies would be muchos appreciated!!!
    hope youre having a good weekend hun!

    • Email me Clemmy, I’d love to talk to you abt traveling. I’ve done more than my fair share (and not stopping any time soon either) so I think I can probably give you some scoops!

  3. Hi Sooz,
    I had every intention of doing this when I went out this morning….I had several errands and a meeting, but …..

    I was having an unusually happy mood this morning and at the meeting.
    Then I went on to do the errands and one thing after another went ‘wrong’. But nothing big and bad. The new thing is that my mood stayed happy. As each set back surfaced and I would usually have felt frustrated and impatient…instead I just laughed and relaxed into how much longer it was taking. I didn’t get everything done but that’s fine. Now that I’m back home and remembering your challenge I’m not sure what I’ll do….I don’t feel like going back out to find a place I’ve never been. Maybe I will later.

    How ’bout this modification: I went to familiar places and faced each snaffu with breathing, smiles and relaxed body.

    Maybe later I’ll go someplace new. (mind you I’ve lived in this town for over 35 years and have walked all over. So finding a place i’ve never been is a challenge but I know there are some.

    • I think your day was awesome in itself already, it doesn’t need any add-ons! But you can keep the challenge for later this week, use it as an excuse to go exploring those new(ish?) places!

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  5. It’s raining full on, roads are dangerous , so I’ll put this on the ‘to do list’, thank you for these wonderful challenges . It’s a good feeling that people can share their experience with the same goal, even if we all have different life experiences, and different personal histories. I think personally we want a peaceful mind and freedom ! Well that’s my own challenge! …lol

    • A peaceful mind and freedom are lovely goals! They really are. But little, tangible steps and small goals are the only way to get anywhere, otherwise youll end up frustrated and disappointed? So little (positive) challenges can only help you get there, no? Looking forward to hearing back if you do make it out to venture to a new place in town!

  6. Totally agree! Baby steps, I was just dreaming into what I would like if I stay in recovery, sometimes some of these ‘steps forward are so painful’, I just remind myself that it will ‘be worth it!’..lol
    p.s I am looking forward to exploring!’

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