A Positive Month; Day 22

It’s Friday agaaaaain! Whew, you guys, one week left and it’s March again already. Say whaat! I guess everyone’s cheering for March by now, all fed up with my daily mumbling ;)

Just to celebrate the weekend, to celebrate you. To celebrate life and beauty, today I ask you to;

22.           Buy yourself fresh flowers

I try to always have a vase of fresh flowers on my dinnertable. Actually, I spend all my time there. I never sit on my couch (weird, I know). I always sit at my table, with either a book, my laptop or my friends. It’s a very cosy spot, with big windows, view on the streets ánd, u-hu, a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten my day.


*Fresh from the weekly friday market, the Dutch icons; Tulips! (Oh yes I have very recently become a smartphone-hipster. I have Instagram pictures now. Three. In a month. Heya, don’t judge, I’m getting there…

What are your favorite flowers? I love dramatic ones, like peonies or poppies/anemones. But I buy (usually mixed) tulips a lot. They look so happy!


12 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 22

  1. Oh, fuck!
    I forgot!
    I wanted the tulips today so badly. And I stopped by the market on my way home for some eggs and I forgot the tulips! I’m getting them tomorrow! Promise.

    Yours look gorgeous! Mmm the color…

  2. Doesn’t fit in my budget to buy flowers right now. But even if it did, I’ve come to like the winter ‘fast’ from flowers, then when they come up in spring it is so extra wonderful. Plus I never like the bought flowers that have no scent. Anyway I hope that doesn’t come across as snobby…it’s just not my thing.

    I do love bouquets and seeing flowers growing and giving flowers to my dear etc….

    Instead I will listen to some favorite music that I haven’t heard in a long time…Michael Hedges.

  3. PS. It is a challenge for me to listen to his music because it brings up feelings from the past and I still feel sorrow for his early death at age 43 (1997), when I was hoping to see him in concert when he was about to go on tour….but died in an auto accident. A brilliant composer/musician and a sweet man.

    • How nice you made a “substitute” for the challenge! Love it!

      And no that doesnt sound snobbish at all, I get it. I just love having some colour and ‘freshness’ in my house. And I am a terrible plant-keeper (except for my orchids, but my orchids and I…. Oh man, I could write an entire post about that..). Plus, I used to never be able to buy myself anything. ANYTHING. Not even the stuff I would need. Getting myself flowers was the most ridiculous thing I could think of. For me buying myself something I don’t need, but that I do really enjoy has been a huge learning process :)

    • Plus; You have a gorgeous garden to tend to, right? I live in the middle of the city centre (like, in the shopping district middle of the city!) so no garden, no park, no nature on my doorstep! :(

  4. Tulips are my favourite flower, I love them.
    I really like the white ones, but I usually buy a bunch of different coloured ones, they look so happy.
    I also have very realistic looking fake tulips which I have on my mantlepiece.
    When I don’t have fresh flowers though, my living room always looks empty.
    I love the smell of lillies also.
    I definitely need some flowers in here. xx

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