A Positive Month; Day 21

Hey lovies. Anyone still reading? The comments are slowly going down? Everyone fed up with trying to be positive?

Well, today I have something small. But that doesn’t mean it has to be easy. For some it might be, for some it might be quite a challenge. It’s a small gesture, but it can have a huge impact on both your and someone else’s wellbeing. Here it goes:

21.                 Hug someone

Sometimes it’s the best way to release some jittery vibes. Sometimes it’s the best way to send some positive vibes. Sometimes it’s the best way to share a moment. A good hug can re-energize me like nothing, seriously.

So today, go and share a moment, a hug, with someone. I’m meeting up with a bunch of friends tonight, so I’m gonna go all out and spread some extra luuuurve!

(If you find this really challenging, which is not weird btw, maybe you can go hug an animal. Nothing like squeezing a fluffy puppy!!)

PS; No picture? Er, I’m in doubt. I have posted more pictures of myself in this little bit of 2013 than I have in the two years blogging before. I guess that was part of the challenge for me? I have a picture of me and someone else in a very deartome moment, and someone secretly snapped a picture. I didn’t find out until ages later. I wanted to post it here but I am hesistant; it’s not just me in the picture, though you can’t see either of our faces. Maybe one day..?


15 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 21

  1. Still here Sooz!

    I might not be able to complete today’s challenge as I’m not planning on leaving the house because it’s cold and miserable outside! I did pop round to see my Mum yesterday and gave her a hug, and have promised to spend the day with her tomorrow so I will give her another hug then. Hopefully that will count!

    I love a good hug. I don’t hug enough these days but I used to love hugging my super tall friends. Hopefully I will get back to being a huggable person too! x

  2. Hey yoooou! still reading, but being bad (busy) and not really keeping up with the challenges as theyre set, i AM doing bits and bobs where i can tho :)

  3. managed to complete the ‘hug’ challenge, must say I find it really hard to hug, I was at my day programme today, [which is two days a week] so hugged a safe nurse. Tried to spread luv! lol
    p.s love these challenges, wonderful idea, most grateful

  4. Done.
    My mom.

    I honestly wish you’d post more pics.
    People like to see who’s talking to them!
    Plus your face = beautiful.
    Plus….It would make people like me seem less narcissitic…lol.
    I compulsively post pics of myself —perhaps we need to balance eachother.

    • Moms give the best hugs!

      &I think we’re already balancing each other out then ;) Im super selfconscious about pictures. I’d rather take them than be in them. The last picture taken of me was somewhere in December!! haha. Plus I dont like my blog to be associated with me? Somehow? Though every picture I post on here (whether Im in it or not), are so clearly mine that if anyone would find this blog they’d know it’s me anyway?

  5. Oh, hell, I’ve lost you…
    Yeah… little shit has happened on my planet.
    All cleaned up, ready to pick up your challenges.
    I’ve just hugged my boy.

    And all of what Missy said – I agree!!

    • Oh there’s not really a timeframe for the challenges. I mean, sure, I do this month-thing, but it’s not like you can’t try to do them later on as well? Just try to do the ones that seem hardest, I guess. That makes it a real challenge?

      Is the boy a good hugger?

  6. Hi Sooz,
    I’m popping in and out this month as you can see.
    I’ve been more low energy and having intense feelings to ‘process’ and it’s OK but takes time and energy. So that is positive, though not always in the way of your challenges.

    However most of your challenges I do anyway, it has been great to pay more attention to each one and to hear your suggestions that take them deeper. So I am still tuned in.

    Thanks for doing this!

    • Hope you’ll feel a bit better (&more positive?) soon Gel!

      Dont feel like the challenges are a ‘must’. I meant them as something positive, not as an extra load of things to dread! Just do what you want, when you want it. I guess the most challenging ones are the ones you’d want to try, because those are the ones that call for some self-search?

      Be well x

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