A Positive Month; Day 19

I realize I must (almost?) sound repetitive by now, but I guess that only shows how easy it is to incorporate certain elements into your life to boost positivity all round. We saw earlier how everybody loves a little validation, be it through a compliment, a card, a phonecall, a smile, a hug, a laugh, a cry, a talk, a moment or whatever. We also realized the gift of giving, not to others, but to ourselves. Because if we are at ease, happy and self-validated, we can pass it on to others. Happiness is contagious. I mean really, don’t we all want to be surrounded by or associated with people who are simply happy? Who can make you see the joy, the positive, the bright, the happy in everyday things? So why not try and make that positive person a part of you. Today, we’re passing it on in the material sense.

19.       Give someone a present

As I hope to have made clear, we shouldn’t rely on external validation. Nor do material things/gifts represent happiness. But I know, for me, giving someone the perfect present makes me ten times more excited than any present given to me will ever do. Then again, I’ve never been the girl who couldn’t sleep the night before her birthday. But giving someone else a present, oh it makes me giddy like a three year old on Christmas eve!


It makes me so happy that I randomly buy people presents, even when the occasion doesn’t call for it. It’s just that, when I spot something that screams and shouts someone’s name, I will buy it, wrap it up and sneak it into their purse/house/whatever. Ooo and then the countdown for them to find it!! I can keep secrets like it’s my job, but only in situations like these I can hardly hide my excitement! I mean, this is the girl that bought gifts in Cuba to take hom to the Netherlands for her friends in Malaysia when she didn’t even know when(/if!) she’d ever go back there again!

I hope today you will think of someone who can use a little present. And do tell us who and what you surprised them with!

*Christmaspressies, waiting at my coffee-table for friends to randomly drop by around the holidays


5 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 19

  1. I can definitely do this one! I LOVE buying people presents, and I’m exactly the same as you, I seem to have a lot of those ‘I saw this and thought of you’ moments and end up buying gifts for people.

    I will look forward to doing this one! x

  2. That’s a bit scary, I brought a present and thank you card to my day programme nurse, just as I saw something for her and she is a wonderful, compassionate person, I literally gave it to her and when I got home there was this post! I relate, giving to someone comes back ten fold, it really has me excited, as you sais especially one’s out of ‘no where’ ..lol

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