A Positive Month; Day 17

As I told you before, my morning routine involves getting jiggy with the happy mood. And since you already practiced being a rockstar singer, I think this one will fit right in;

17.       Dance like nobody’s watching (even if they are!)

So, dancing. I know quite a few of you have a tough relationship with dancing. It’s part of a ‘past you’ that you miss and long for. Part of a ‘future you’ that you long for just as much, but are frustrated over because you don’t see it happening anymore or any time soon. I am aware it might therefor be a heavy subject. But it’s not.

I am not asking you to dance as you used to, as you would like to still do. I am not asking you to perform, to nail a routine, to perfectly perform a move. I’m just asking you to shake off the giddies, the emotions; to shake off the pressure. It can mean shaking your ass to sir Mix-a-Lot, or do the ice-ice baby. You can try to see if you remember the moves to a Spice Girls song or the Macarena. You can turn up the radio to the latest Usher or David Guetta. Bump along to some DnB or hardrock song. You can do this at home, on the go somewhere with your iPod on, or in a club partying it off with friends. Just move, shake, let go.

Sep 2006

I love dancing. I suck at it, let me get that straight. I have no moves whatsoever. But I love going to a club and just having random fun on the dancefloor, with the crappiest moves but the biggest smile on my face. When everyone is drunk, I blend in perfectly. My moves then reach their level, yet I am just high on happiness. I don’t mind looking like a complete fool, as long as I’m enjoying myself. And tonight, I’m breaking it down with you!

PS; Is it the quality of the video, is it me, or are the butts in Sir Mix-a-Lots clip not really all that round ‘n juicy?

*Picture is not taken by me, but(t) of me (it’s old, 2008 or 2009!). Please don’t use the image for own purposes though. It’s not your butt after all!


6 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 17

  1. I love dancing too, Sooz, and this is an ongoing challenge with me, because I’ve been struggling to go to ballet with the anxiety /social phobia stuff.
    Love you and loving your posts still. Just been pretty quiet lately xxx

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