A Positive Month; Day 16

So, it’s weekend again (/already?!). And this one is to celebrate. To relax. To enjoy. To maybe hang out with someone. Or to take a break and do something to enjoy just for yourself.

16.      Go watch a movie at the theatre, either alone or with a friend, whichever you prefer

I love movies, and it’s so silly I never go see one anymore (and as I don’t have a TV, I can’t just pop one in at home either). I’ve been trying to make my best friend go see Django with me for weeks now, and I’m fed up with waiting. So I’m off to the movies solo this week! Which is something I used to do quite often, and still enjoy. I just rarely go to movies anymore! But I love Tarantino, so I’ve got to see this one. And I’ve already got a date set for when the Great Gatsby is released here. Ha! Bring on the popcorn! (<  salted, only. Sorry!)


9 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 16

  1. We’re trying to be thrifty with money so going to a movie in the theatre is not likely to happen today. We do go to movies but we save that for the one or two a year that are really best seen in the theater.

    We recently saw ‘Chasing Ice’ that was incredible to see on a big screen.

      • Very interesting my psychologist took a group last week and talked about ‘the flow’, when your so lost in something, positive!, you are just involved in that, I’m finding out what i can do , to get in’the zone’, wonderful break from head and thoughts and sometimes even triggers. I think we all NEED breaks from reality, if not I wonder who could survive this life journey! lol

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