A Positive Month; Day 14

Hello loviedovies!

Today is February 14th! So first of all; Happy Valentine’s! As I said before, I know it’s a silly commercial holiday with no deeper meaning whatsoever. But hey, any reason for a party is a good reason in my book, so let’s embrace it.

Today is just like any other day, but today, more people make a conscious effort to show their love. Of course this shouldn’t depend on a date, but you’ve got to start somewhere. And as we saw earlier, everybody loves a little validation. But as I said back then as well; we cannot depend on external validation. We cannot let our happiness depend on how others act towards us. How much you are loved does not show or depend on the amount of Valentine’s cards. So for today, I thought the following might just emphasize that, and it as well serves as an exercise to work on that ínternal validation. Brace yourselves;

14.       Look into your eyes in the mirror, knowing that they love you. Confirm it to yourself. Say it out loud; I love you.

Take your time to do this, and make sure you mean it with you do.
If it’s hard, try again tomorrow. And the day after, etc..

El playa de Cuba

I realize this challenge is a bit different from others. I guess this is a little more personal, a little harder, a little beyond the obvious, happy-daisy go-lucky positivity I’ve been emphasizing thus far. But isn’t one of the best ways to add positivity in your (and others’, because that’s the thing with positivity, it’s so darn contagious!) day, through simply having positivity in your core being? When your positivity is just there, not because you can act happy very well, or because you try very hard to make others feel nice, but simply because you feel good about yourself?

Because you are worth to feel loved, mostly so, by yourself.

And that is when you ooze it. You ooze love, you ooze positivity. It shines through, from your core/soul/heart/inner being, it is visible in your eyes.

Now I am not at all implying this is easy. Actually, what I found to be helpful was, not to just say ‘I love you’ overall, but to start small. You know, babysteps! Start by naming specific things you love about yourself. About your body, your character, your talents, etc.

Je prends un exemple de moi-même; I love how my legs carried me across the world, I love how my smile can open doors I sometimes didn’t even know could open, I love how I can feel deeply connected to people even if I don’t know them that well, I love how easily I can feel at ease and at homeanywhere in the world, I love how easily I can blend in and adjust to different environments, yet somehow still acknowledge the real me, I love… etc.

All those bits and pieces are little steps towards being able to say you love yourself as a whole.

I know this is hard, I know this sounds silly, I know it is weird to publicly declare you love your legs or whatever, but hey, it’s just my blog, it’s not the Oprah Winfrey show! So as a start, right here; Could you share a few things that you love about yourself?

*Picture; Cuban beach = serious love. Picture is mine, please keep it that way
*PS; did it show this was an emotional post for me? Pff..


11 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 14

  1. Powerful stuff!
    What you wrote here is really helpful for me in doing this exercise:
    ….”what I found to be helpful was, not to just say ‘I love you’ overall, but to start small…Start by naming specific things you love about yourself”.

    I love how well I take care of my chickens, my kitty and my husband.
    I love how well I cook.
    I love my hair, it doesn’t need much fuss to look great.
    I love that even after having been abused as a child I can still enjoy my body in movement and dance.
    I love that I prefer win/win outcomes over competitive win/lose outcomes.

    • That’s a lot of love already! Also something I found helpful is thinking about what I love in others, and then, when I think of that certain aspect or ability or whatever and reference it to myself, I’d be surprised about how sometimes I can even see how it can apply to myself as well

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