A Positive Month; Day 13

Hey there rockstar!!  Now that you’ve got your positive morning routine going, and you have successfully greeted a new day with (renewed) positivity, it’s time to add a little extra dimension to a glorious morning feeling.

13.       Watch the sunrise

As this picture already showed you, I love sunrises. Not too often, I’ll admit. I need my sleep as much as anyone else. But sometimes I love getting up early, just to go somewhere to enjoy the sunrise. That specific picture was actually a failed attempt of catching the morning mists that linger over the farm fields here when the temperature between land and air have a distinct difference. It had been gorgeous all week, but of course, I never had my camera with me. So that Saturday I decided to set my alarm at 4:30 and go on a mist-hunt with my camera. Just my luck; no fog over the fields. But a gorgeous sunset nonetheless. During my travels there were so many places I went just to watch the sunrise. Temples, craters, mountains, etc and I remember this one train ride through Southern Thailand where everyone was sleeping when the sun rose. It was so gorgeous, and I had to make myself not grab my camera and not wake everyone up, just to force myself to savour that exact moment. It was one of the most peaceful, fulfilled moments I can remember.

So today, don’t just ‘watch’ the sunrise. Séé it. Savour it. Breathe it. Connect with it, and connect with yourself. Enjoy that moment of twilight where the whole world still seems to be asleep and the world seems yours, for you and your eyes only.


8 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 13

  1. I just read all of these. This is such a great idea. All of them are. Well done for keeping up this positive vibe. I know I’m late but I’m defos gonna give some of them a go.

    Love x.

  2. Hi Sooz,
    This morning I got up well before dawn as I do on most mornings. I read your invitation to savor the sunrise. So I paid close attention to the sky as it began to get light. That is also my usual practice as I have to let the chickens out of their coop every morning at dawn. This morning it was cloudy but not raining. There were no amazing colors in the sky. but I did trek out to the coop and take more time than usual to observe the sky, thinking of your invitation and I felt gratitude to have a friend who suggests things like this. So I guess your invitation was the beautiful color in the morning for me. Thanks.

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