A Positive Month; Day 12

How’s the positive vibe coming along? Did you greet the day with positivity again today, as I asked you yesterday? I love how just those two minutes of acknowledging the fresh start of a fresh day can make you get out of bed in a completely different way than I would on a regular grumpy, cold morning.

As I explained my morning routine yesterday, I was reminded of something I do daily which really lifts my spirits. So for today, I thought I’d ask you to do the same thing. You don’t have to do it early morning as I do, because honestly, any time is a good time to do the following;

12.       Sing a song, loud!

Use a hairbrush/hairspray as a microphone, put on make-up, wear your rock-star outfit and dust off your air guitar.

Rock on!! (Oh, and tell us which song you picked!)

*Source of picture unknow. But it’s Celine rocking the air guitar, who cares about the deets then!


6 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 12

  1. What a wild coincidence….I was at the library last night to get some brittish murder mystery DVD…when i was walking by the CDs….I say KD Lang and remembered how fun it is to sing along with her. I never get CDs, but last night I grabbed the KD lang and then went to see if there was any Kate Bush…Yup so I got one of hers, then near to the B’s was C’s ~ Cold Play and Bruce Cockburn….Got a few of those.

    Will be singing along with some of those for a while.

    Nice to be in sync with you.

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