A Positive Month; Day 9

No hangover from yesterday’s one-glass-of-wine-with-the-sun? Funny how those little moments, where you simply decide to enjoy that exact moment and to cheer to it, can feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. I, too, often forget how nice it is to just sit, enjoy what I have right there and let it be for a bit.

Cuban Phonebooth Lady
Today, I have a bit of a more challenging challenge awaiting. Since it’s weekend now, and probably you and everyone else are off from work, it seems like a logical day to do the following;

9.       Call someone you haven’t called in too long

Now, you can take this as far as you like and make it as challenging as you choose. But today, pick up that phone to call someone you haven’t spoken for longer than you’d wish. Be it your nanna, your bestie, your mom, your ex-neighbour, or a random friend. Just call them to say hi and ask how they’ve been. That’s all. It’s so easy to get caught up in your busy life and put social contacts on hold, especially the ones with people you do not run into on a regular basis. It’s so easy to come up with things like ‘I’ll do that when this project finishes’, ‘I don’t have time to meet up with them the coming weeks anyway’, or ‘they’re probably just busy’, but all it takes is between a few minutes to half an hour (or more?), with no strings attached (no pun intended!). It doesn’t mean you have to go visit, it doesn’t mean you’re imposing yourself on them. It just shows you (still) care.

*Picture; Cuban Phonebooth Lady. &As always, pictures are mine, please keep it this way.


10 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 9

  1. I’m loving your posts. I want you to do this challenge every month or invent a new one haha just so you keep on posting. I’ve been reading just not commenting – following along. Your challenge made me feel thankful when I did laugh out loud, noticing how funny life can be and delightful too! And the sunset, beautiful. I haven’t seen one in so long as I’m usually indoors. I skipped the wine though! Tea was a delicious treat though.
    This one is a good one – we often fall so out of touch so easily. Connecting with people is definitely one of the things that’s more helpful for me, it draws us out of our shells. I will turn this to text or email someone since I can’t hear them – and there are a few people that come to mind :)
    thank you for such a brilliant challenge, hope you are going well. xx

    • Ha, it’s actually quite a challenge for myself to come up with a post around the subjects every day!! Especially as I am normally a very random and unregular poster haha. Glad you’re enjoying it though and thanks for following along.

      Whats your favorite tea?

      • I just bought a really nice one, it’s ginger and mint refresher by Twinings – I love both ginger tea and mint tea so it’s a winner :) <3

      • Wow, sounds sharp and refreshing! Like something that’ll definately wake you up with a kick in the mornings! (and it also sounds like something that would go PERFECT with dark chocolate. Mmm!)

      • YUM now that you mention it, I think it’s perfect weather for tea and dark chocolate – rainy and I’m about to enjoy a doona-day tomorrow. Love rainy days when you can stay indoors :)

  2. I called my beloved aunt the other day, and it has been on my mind to do that for many months. She lives over 250 miles away and I haven’t seen her in years. It was so special to hear her voice. Even though we haven’t been in much contact over the last few years, it still felt like no time had passed as we talked. I’m glad she didn’t feel upset that I haven’t kept in contact.

    What a good idea to call someone. You’ve got a good project going here.

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