A Positive Month; Day 8

How did the compliment-thing work out yesterday? Did you make someone smile? Don’t you love making someone smile? And isn´t it funny how infectious smiles are? It’s like the easiest pay-it-forward ever!

Sunset drinks

Today is the last day of the official workweek, T.G.I.F! And though that could have implied my challenge for today being ‘get wasted and don’t give a sheez because it’s weekend’, I decided on something a bit more mundane (hey, what’s in a name!) and (IMO) relaxing. Since today is the start of the weekend, you’re allowed to stay up until after Sesame street-bedtime. Therefore, you get to do this;

8. Enjoy the sunset

I hope the weather is clear for you to do so, because who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? Maybe you can actively register the rest of the sunsets this week as well, just savour the moment of that full palate of colours being swirled into the sky. The oranges, reds, purples and pinks. Deep and bright, mixed in twilight. And yes, you can indeed do that with a glass of your favourite wine in hand, because hey, it ís weekend after all! Cheers lovies!

*Crapy phone picture of a cheers to the sunset @Gorgeous Amsterdam


9 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 8

  1. Aw, I always miss on sunsets… well except on summers.
    But I am enjoying my dawns. Does that count?
    Gosh, you are right. Those are pretty awesome… and free.
    Love you reminding me of simple joys every day ;)

  2. I always “do” sunsets…and usually while I am out on my walk or in the summers as I am settling in (usually with a glass of wine).
    I will be thinking of you during tonights sunset.

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