A Positive Month; day 7

Today, I’d like to start with a video I was recently sent;

Though it is horribly American (yes, I did just say that out loud) in being way too exaggerated, it’s the thought that counts. Sometimes, we all just want a little validation. And though I am not at all implying our positivity should rely on external validation, the world would simply be that much more of a happy place if we would appreciate each others´ efforts a bit more. So for today, the challenge is this;

7. Make someone a compliment 

The funny thing is, when you are actively trying to make other people a compliment, you start focussing on the positive things more than you normally would. So this is not just a way to validatw others, it is also a way to find positivity in your day-to-day doings again. It’s like the challenge of enjoying your surroundings earlier this week; if we focus on the positive aspects, you’d be surprised about how many there actually are. Really, if we open up to the possibilities and beauty, life isn’t at all all doom and gloom! Oh, and if you’re on a roll; make two people a compliment. Because, you know, it’s Thursday, and you can?


9 thoughts on “A Positive Month; day 7

  1. I think the key to having a wonderful loving relationship with my husband (almost 13 years) is that from the beginning we have given each other compliments every day….EVERYDAY!!!! and for us it’s not just empty nice things…we tell each other what we appreciate about each other, we recognize the growth, the efforts the smarts, all the good qualities we see in each other and our accomplishments. We don’t assume that the other just knows…we Speak it out loud and look each other in the eyes and savor it. It never gets old to hear how your lover loves you when they are speaking from real feelings. So I want to give that to him regularly, like it’s a way to nourish our souls.

    Then when there are difficulties, and annoyances etc. (because there always are), we have this larger positive “container” of us-ness and we can deal with those difficulties with more grace and patience.

    I’m boasting maybe because my relationship with my dear husband is one thing in my life that is so good, so healthy and such a gift.

    Thanks for this topic!

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