A Positive Month; Day 6

Wow, no requests for me to send anyone a card? I didnt see that one coming!

Since we’re almost a week into this little ‘challenge’ (does it feel like one? Tell me!), I decided today is the perfect day to emphasize what this challenge was all about; acknowledging positivity!

However low or dark some days (or weeks, heck, even months!) may feel, remember there is always positivity. It’s just us who sometimes close our eyes to it. So today, make space to find that joy, in however little or large things. Today, don’t just find a reason to smile, or to giggle, but to…

6. Laugh out loud!

You know, for realz, not as in *I just LOL’d your comment*. Laugh; belly-tremor and tears flowing and all!

To do so you have to keep an open mind; watch what happens around you. Yesterday I walked through town to the supermarket, and a girl about my age was juggling her groceries and her phone, when the former won and the latter dropped on the floor. She at first looked shocked, but then when I picked up her phone and we both heard the person on the other end of the line simply babbling on as if nothing had happened we almost cried laughing. Right there, on the streets, with that phone still in our hands. You don’t have to pay for a comedy show to laugh out loud, I promise!


10 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 6

  1. I did ask you for a postcard!
    And today’s challenge is THE BEST! It’s so me me me lately! I choke while laughing at the simplest things!
    Wish you and all of your readers the same – laugh out loud till you fall to your knees, till your belly and throat hurt. And the tears spring in liters of salty tears :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    • Oh that sounds so lovely Greta!! I’m so happy to hear you’re in such a happy place! I guess 36 is a good year then, I wish you nothing but the best to fill the next 36 and more!!

  2. I know I’m late to the party, but ME ME MEEEEE! I’d love a card/letter type thing because I love post. Nobody has my new address (other than gas/electricity companies) so I don’t get any exciting post.

    I will catch up properly with the posts at the weekend when I have some time, but count me in! xx

  3. i didn’t ask for a post card because i get one in my inbox every day. that already makes me so happy :) always feel free to write-write to me, though! that would be fun!

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