A Positive Month; Day 5

Today is day nummero five! And like yesterday we reminisced about how we used to giggle about silly fantasies (and did so again, yay!), today we’re doing something else the oldskool way!

5. Send someone a card or a letter (snail mail style)

This can be any type. An extensive letter, a simple ‘hello’-card, or a card to tell someone you care. Because we all know how much fun it is to find a card on your doorstep. You can simply send a ready-made card, or put in some effort to craft one. Personalize it with a special text, a poem, your perfume, enclose a flower or a picture, whatever works. Just send someone your thoughts. And if you liked it and you liked the response, maybe you can do so again next week (Valentine’s!). Yes I know, an over-rated, commercialized holiday like all others, but don’t do it for the commercialization, do it because you know how much fun it is to find something waiting for you in the mailbox.

PS, if you want to receive a card from me, send me your details. Since I’m the one putting you through this challenge, I might as well join in like a boss! ;)


12 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 5

  1. Hey :) I’m sorry I’ve been quiet. Been overwhelmed, but I’ve still been following along and just wanted to say I’m really enjoying this. Plus I did todays’ challenge before reading this! I sent a card to someone today.
    Oh sheesh.. valentines day. Must hide under bed.
    I’ve been thinking of you and must catch up.
    Love and hugs xx

    • I hope youre doing okay? If there’s anything I can do, let me know.
      And Valentines day is no reason to go hiding! It’s as important as you choose to make it. Either not important at all, or just a silly excuse to surprise loved ones

  2. Hi Sooz,
    I’m following along too. I’m just too busy to commit to a daily thing like this but I love that you are doing it.

    Last week I wrote an 11 page letter to my best girlfriend who now lives several hundred miles away. I did it in just the spirit of your challenge for today. It took a long time but I enjoyed it. I knew it would be a very welcome surprise for her to receive it. I enjoyed the physical process of writing and adding color.

    Hope you are well!

    • Oh wow, eleven pages!! Who wouldnt love receiving something so special in their mailbox! It’s hard to show faraway friends how special they are, I’m pretty sure you nailed it with this!

  3. OK. I’m late. Again.
    But this one is just wonderful.
    I NEED to write a postcard to someone, I miss writing and receiving those… Can I write to you?

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  5. whoooooooooa sooz!! :D have been a tad busy lately, so havent’ really dropped by.. LOVE the whole positive month thing :D and love love love snail mail! nothing like lovingly crafted cards/ handwritten notes to show someone you’re worth the effort! :D i want in! email me you address, will u? used to handmake cards ALL. THE. TIme… in fact.. its a prerequisite in my family.. :P

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