A Positive Month; Day 4

Do you remember those days where you and your girlfriends would sit outside school and gossip about the boys in your class? Or daydream about that guy from your favourite TV-show? (Who was your imaginary boyfriend-actor?). And you would giggle about all the possibilities that existed in your minds, everything that, maybe, one day, you could do when you would meet. Or remember that one time someone did something utterly embaressing and you couldn’t help yourself from bursting into laughter, or when you said something silly that sent a bunch of people into a giggle fit? Just reminisce on those silly moments, and soon you’ll find yourself doing just that again;

4. Giggle like a schoolgirl

Because it’s so much fun!

Just to get you in the mood for giggles;


10 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 4

  1. My new housemate moved in lastnight and safe to say we did a fair bit of giggling as we tried to sort her room up, put up pics etc.
    it was so refreshing to feel FUN again!!! i think this is going to be a really good thing for me :-)
    have a great day chick xx

  2. I love this!
    Gigging is awesome. Always forever and ever.
    I’m glad I have two cats at home – I go crazy laughing daily even by looking at those two.
    Super video, btw!

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