A Positive Month; Day 3

Today is Sunday. For most people, Sunday’s are the perfect day to unwind. No work, no stress, no obligations, just you-time. For some people, weekends are rough. And I for sure didn’t like weekends when I was ill! It meant no routine, no reason to leave the house, feeling unproductive and having other people around 24/7 to mind your business. All things my eating disorder loudly protested against. However, the weekends & I have made truce again, and I hope you feel as good about the weekend as I do now. Just to up that free-time spirit, here’s what I thought would be nice for today:

3. Take a stroll somewhere and enjoy the scenery

Sunrise galore

When you have lived somewhere for a while, you barely notice your surroundings anymore. The same routine, the same views, the same road every day to work and back, nothing exciting there. But recently I had a friend stay at my place, a friend who had never been to the Netherlands before, let alone to my sleepytown, and I realized how differently she looked at my daily surroundings. It was such a blessing to show her around, because it made me look at the things I see daily with a completely different perspective. Ever since, I’ve been really making an effort to enjoy my surroundings more, wherever I am. Whether it’s my own block, the same street to Uni I walk daily, the path through the fields that I walk my dog Sundays etc., I’ve been making a conscious effort to register its beauty. So today, I hope you can do just that. Take a leisurely walk (slowly, gentle, mindful!) and enjoy the scenery – wherever you are.

(And sit down somewhere to take it in. And snap us a picture. D’oh)

*Picture is on one of my sunday morning walks, sunrise galore!


14 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 3

  1. What a beautiful picture! I wish my mornings looked like that :p
    As it happens, my weekend mornings look alot like my bed… cos i savour those lie-ins like they were gold-dust! I did have a nice long shower this morning, so i may be abit behind on the challenge, but im still in it!
    (going to meet my friend for a stroll with our pooches later, so that will be my todays effort…) ill just have to paray that its more scenic than the view from the doggy-bag. hahaha xx

    • This was 5 in the morning, a while back. I was on a hunt for mist in the fields (its reeeeeally pretty when the temperature is just right) so I got up superearly with my cam. No mists, but a gorgeous sunrise nontheless!

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  3. That picture is stunning, Sooz.
    I love… just walking, usually around the city and finding new cafes where I can sit end enjoy the differences this town is offering.Also considering my job I’m more of people observer. I like to get inspired by new looks and faces and capture them in my heart. But as it’s cold i don’t do it often.
    So did you had your Sunday walk?
    Was it awesome?

  4. Long shower — I can’t. )0:
    Book? Done (borrowed from Library.
    Yesterday I walked 2 hours (two walks) (oh and leisurely!)– listening to podcasts and yes, enjoying the scenery.

    LOL I should add I was in Shorts and a tank….I got a tan.

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhh no taaaaan!! I’m so pale you can see right through me. No kidding.

      Tell me if the book’s any good, I’ll look it up later!

      &Why is the shower a can’t?
      (Thanks for joining in!! xx)

  5. What I love about walking is taking in the sights and sounds around me, whether it’s in my neighbourhood where I notice new things everyday, or in the bush in beautiful surroundings.

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