A Positive Month; the deets!

Okay okay okay, I hear you! You want the details, I’ll give em to you.

I’ll write a post around each of the following topics, so a post a day is also my challenge this month I suppose! The whole point, again, of this thingy-a-month challenge is to spoil yourself a little; to (re)connect. Because, as I said in the first post, you don’t need to do anything to ‘deserve’ to love yourself. You are amazing, just the way you are. And that’s already enough to put effort into taking the very bestest care of yourself ever. As L’Oreal would say; because your worth it. And you for sure as haaail are.

So, here are the upcoming posts this month. Again, I’d love it if you join in as often as you can, and please comment whatever you wish to share with me/us

1, Take a long, hot shower
2. Buy a new book, and indulge in it!
3. Take a stroll somewhere and enjoy the scenery
4. Giggle like a schoolgirl (preferably with someone else)
5. Send someone a card or a letter (snail mail style)
6. Laugh out loud!
7. Make someone a compliment
8. Enjoy the sunset
9. Call someone you haven’t called in too long
10. Bake something (cookies, muffins, cupcakes, a proper cake)
11. Greet the day (and the new week!) with positivity (before getting out of bed)
12. Watch the sunrise (You could repeat yesterday’s challenge here)
13. Sing a song, loud!
14. Look into your eyes in the mirror, knowing that they love you.
15. Make eye contact with a stranger
16. Go watch a movie at the theatre, either alone or with a friend, whichever you prefer
17. Dance like nobody’s watching, even if they are!
18. Breathe for ten-fifteen minutes. Mindfully
19. Give someone a present
20. Say thanks for today
21. Hug someone (can be an animal as well!)
22. Buy yourself fresh flowers
23. Visit a place in your own town you haven’t visited before
24. Watch the nightsky (if tonight is cloudy, save this one for later this week)
25. Snap a picture of something beautiful that caught your attention
26. Make a collage of amazingness
27. Do something scary; challenge yourself!
28. Write yourself a love letter

I hope to see you back here this month :)


14 thoughts on “A Positive Month; the deets!

  1. Okay, I’m in. this is awesome. And I agree, you don’t have to do anything to be worthy of love. (Actually I would side-eye L’Oreal since they say ‘You are worth it’ but only if you use their products’, right? LOL.) But this society often teaches us that in order to be considered okay, we have to do something or be something when in reality that’s not true. We just ARE okay. As we are. More than okay – precious.
    So today, buy myself a new book. I wonder what book you will buy? What you like to read? I would have to settle for a book from the library since financially it’s not otherwise going to happen – but that’s still a huge treat. Reading was one of my favourite things that anorexia stole from me and to some extent still keeps me from enjoying. So more than getting out a book, my challenge is to sit down and read for a good period of time and just feel okay sitting there and enjoying it. xx

    • Glad to hear youre in! Let me know which book you picked!

      I am currently reading two books. One by Geneen Roth (Women, food and God), which came with my order (I know, crazy shit) of my other book; The Help. I have been meaning to finish the Help for aaages now, Im halfway through and I LOVE it, but I was so swamped with Uni work that it has been dusting on my nightstand! And I have my next book already waiting (all wrapped up, I always do that when I buy a book, even for myself. I tell the staff its a present, which it is – for me!, and ask if they can wrap it nicely), its the new book of my favourite (Dutch) author Arthur Japin! (He translated my absolute fave book into English as well, maybe you could give it a try, it’s called ‘In Lucia’s Eyes’, bu (obviously) Arthur Japin)

      • I want to read/and/or watch The Help, I’ve heard it’s good. And Geneen Roth has a lot of wisdom doesn’t she! I love your way of giving yourself the GIFT of a book because you are so worth a gift. You ARE a gift to me :)
        I will definately look out for In Lucia’s Eyes!
        I haven’t been able to read very well for cognitive problems but I’m getting slowly through Maeve Binchy’s Treasury of short stories. So sad about her death last year :( xx

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