A Positive Month; Day 2

I hope you enjoyed your mindful shower yesterday. Please do share your experiences along the way, that’s the entire point. To see what does what to you.

For today I have chosen a subject that is a bit of a step further than yesterday’s challenge. Yesterday was about allowing yourself to take care of yourself. Today’s challenge is about that, but a bit more.

                 2. Buy a new book, and indulge in it.

It’s the start of the weekend, the perfect moment to find some time to sit down and leave the world for what it is for a moment. Maybe you can even finish your new book before the end of the challenge (= the end of the month). Maybe not. That’s okay as well. Just try to allow yourself the time this month to sit down and indulge in your new book every now and then.


And of course, let us know which book you chose. If you finish it later this month, give us a review; did you like it? Why/why not? Would you recommend it?

*Very old picture, 2007@Paris, ‘Emergency French’-book


8 thoughts on “A Positive Month; Day 2

  1. Hmmm, I bought one a few months ago and it got shoved on a shelf because unless it’s [;planning or marking children’s writing, I don’t seem to read lately!

    If I make time to read for pleasure rather than work related does that count? xx

    • Definately! Thats the whole point! I am swamped with Uni stuff and Uni books as well, an I have THREE new books here, nicely wrapped and all, shouting my name as I pass them every day. Time to schedule some fun reading time miss!

  2. Ahhhhhhh!
    I’m so late to this party!!! I have one book in mind. I was doubting whether it was worth buying. Now I have the perfect excuse – the challenge!

    Off to get it! And to spent the perfect evening indulging into it!
    I try to write a short post on the whole experience and link it up to you ;)

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