A positive month – The challenge!

As I told you guys yesterday, I want to swing this blog around. I’ve been meaning to do so since forever. Because I tend to abuse my blog to moan, bitch and rant, which is, indeed, why I once started it. To ‘make sense of the chaos in my head’, as my profile reads. To vent the things I cannot or will not talk about on a day-to-day basis in my ‘real life’. But this is not who I normally am, I am not some gloomy whiney bitch. And I’d like my blog to encapsulate that positive bit of me as well.

So I came up with a ‘challenge’, if you must. A daily ‘task’, or simply just a (fun) thing to do or to engage in. You can join in any time, just follow along the day we’re at and you can always re-do the missed days after.

I have this little ‘challenge’ awaiting for every day this month. Some are very simple and straightforward, some require just a little more effort, but I won’t kid myself into thinking everyone will invest hours and hours into a silly blog challenge every day, so don’t worry about that!

Right now I decided I will not pre-post all the upcoming challenges, but I might change my mind later on (meaning; if you guys really want me to, I suppose).

Bear in mind that you cannot fail this challenge. There is no wrong or right, and if you happen to not ‘complete’ the day-challenge, there’s no consequences attached. I promise I won’t scold you, I promise you I won’t ignore your blog, and I promise you I won’t show up on your doorstep and slap you. No biggie. Plus, you can simply just try to do the challenge later on that week, because they’re all pretty straightforward, it’s not like you’ll be swamped. It is not me trying to make you guys (even more) stressed, I tried to put together 28 things that I hope will just brighten your day a little!

I’d love it if you could keep me and the rest updated on what you did, how it went and how you are feeling. And of course, feel free to invite someone to do this with us!

I hope to see you here again tomorrow

Love, Sooz


3 thoughts on “A positive month – The challenge!

  1. I LOVE this idea Sooz! I will join in as much as I possibly can, and possibly play catch up at weekends when I have a bit more time! Looking forward to it xx

  2. okay, you’ve got my interest well and truly piqued!!! ill dip my toe into the challenge pool as often as i can.. i could certainly use a little day brightening :-)

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