Happy New Year

I’ll be the hypocrite with the happy mask tonight. But, even though I don’t feel like I’m on top of the world right now, please know these wishes do come from the bottom of my heart.

JUMP               SMILE

May 2013 bring many new highs and highlights. Let whatever holds you down fly, and smile while you’re at it!

Love, Sooz


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Some very wise words there! i can relate to the happy mask, but sometimes its ok to out a brave front on so as not to drag others down. There’ll be plenty of time to figure out stuff in the upcoming year. So lets leave 2012 behind for now and embrace the new beginnings of 2013 along with all the possibilities and good things that it may bring :-)
    Happy new Year x

  2. Something doesn’t fit here???
    How come you are not on top of the world, when those picture show otherwise? (Hihihi;) )
    I love to see you smile and do such crazy things in your life! I know I couldn’t! I’d pee in my pants! Man, I’d look fashionable that way.
    I’m just rambling here, hun!
    I really, truly, and so much wish you happiness next year! Finding it, embracing it and never letting go.

    • Oh Greta, with that lovely face of yours I think you’d still look smashing wearing a garbage bag! And I thought I’d die when jumping as well (actually, I thought I’d freak out on the plane and chicken out, I had totally prepared myself for doing that and already instructed the rest to just go and I’d simply return with the pilot!) but it didn’t happen! When I got the video footage I didnt want to watch it because I knew I’d be mortified to see my face SO SCARED, but somehow, I smiled during the entire thing!?

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