13 thoughts on “Gone with the wind (Now&never)

  1. hoping and praying you are okay, Sooz. It’s really good that you are getting out there and hopefully doing something that’s ‘living’ instead of letting the ED just keep you feeling you are spiralling – you can’t outrun your problems or yourself, but you can try as hard as heck to live despite them. Wishing and praying for only the best for you – you deserve it. xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Fiona on this. Getting away now might help you with this entire tangle.
    I’m so sad that you are so harsh and so wrong about yourself. Having such amazing carrier, which allows you to travel to those distant places in the world – is amazing. And you are so bright and kind and lovable – what can go wrong for you? Nothing, sweetie! Embrace this experience. You are my champion of the universe!

    • Its not my career, its all little projects, bits and pieces of little importance but loads of fun. Still studying and, honestly, I dont think Ill ever become a career-tiger-business lady. Not in my nature.

  3. WTF?! How did I not know you were jetting off again?!

    I hope you get what you want from this trip Sooz, and soon learn not to be so damn hard on yourself.

    Keep in touch chicka xx

  4. greta said it all, really. wishing you well on the trip. tell those mean ED voices to shut the fuck up, unkindly. they don’t deserve this trip. YOU deserve this trip. enjoy every last ounce you can.

  5. I want my period back. Now. I know how uncomfortable that is when you’re farawayabaroad, in a hot&humid country too busy to care, but; I never felt better than the week I had my period. I can’t explain, but both physically and mentally everything just made sense. Everything was calm. Good. Comfortable.

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