> So, babe, sorry, I fully realize this is probably the weirdest text you’ll ever receive, especially coming from a 24year old but eh…. I JUST GOT MY PERIOD! In the middle of a four hour long meeting. Who makes that up anyway? Four hour meetings?!!

< OMG! Cake and drinks on me! NOW!


12 thoughts on “Back&forth

  1. Oh, I get you on the four hour meeting! We do those too! So crazy!
    And it’s difficult be exited about periods cause I hate those forever- but I AM EXITED about yours!
    Woo-hoo period!
    (Never have I imagined saying that. Ever) :D

    • I hated mine too. But you know that saying; you dont know what you’ve lost until its gone? I didnt even take painkillers this week; I needed to feel this again. This means so so much to me

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