Weekend thinker: Dream, dare, do

Since I’ve been in a, well, not too awesome state of mind and -being lately, I have not been posting much. I have been commenting here and there, mostly to focus on positives (howcome that’s always easier when it involves someone else?). But, since it’s weekend, it’s now time to think. Because honestly, who has time to think when at work and Uni? ;)

So, I have the following question for all of you:

(Source unknown)

What would you attempt if you knew your attempt could not fail?

Now, if you’re anything like me, the typical miss World speech comes right up; I’d save the world, feed the starving (Alanis, you go; isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?), build homes, cuddle babies, cuddle adults, save the tiger, stop the wars, and go on an outer-space mission (would never dare, but if it couldnt fail? Why not).

But in this case I mean, what would YOU try. I know all of these world-saving theories are awesome but I mean things on a more personal level. Would you become a rockstar? Would you go looking for a long lost love? Would you reunite your father and his brother, etc. What would YOU do if you knew it could not fail?

Please, everyone join in. Whether you’re a regular commenter or not. I’m sure all your answers will help me take my mind off things for a bit :)

Curious to hear your answers.


13 thoughts on “Weekend thinker: Dream, dare, do

  1. I have a dream of establishing a refuge/drop in centre for young people where they can get away from all the problems of the world and feel safe. Not closed to anybody, not means tested. Where people can feel comfortable to talk about their problems. Where they can just hang out and play, do craft, cook, do art, horseriding, build a cubby or treehouse, go hiking, join a group and camp out, read books, etc. Where they can be alone or talk to someone or just have someone sit with them. Where families can come for bonding days where they do activities together that help them learn to work together as a ‘team’ rather than separate people under the same roof. I think that younger people can be so vulnerable especially as nowadays you have to grow up so much faster than when I was a kid, and it’s a much harsher world saturated by bad news media stories.

    I’d be someone who was able to help the hurt and broken – help them get through it and heal from it. And I’d be able to get through any study I need to do with flying colours.

    Because I can do anything, a refuge for animals is going to be right next door to my people’s refuge ;)

    Also because I can do anything I’m going to be able to dance properly again and be a ballerina, performing and touring (well okay,maybe on holidays only since I have my refuges, but I can do anything so I probably am able to fit 48 hours in a 24 hour day and be able to have two careers at once.)

    I’ll also travel the world, travel space (yes yes yes! one of my dreams is to explore inside a black hole, wherever that means I end up! the other is to hang around the Bermuda Triangle until I find out where the people who vanish go)

    I’ll be a mother. Whether this means I meet a MAN and get married or not, I haven’t decided. I’m still unsure about whether I even ever want a partner in that sense or not. Maybe I will. Maybe that’s something that does change when we are well not just from the ED stuff but from the trauma stuff too.

    I’ll… find a cure for eating disorders. And cancers. And all other debilitating diseases. I’ll abolish mean people and evil people. The last of the bad people still out there would be captured (if not already in jails) and used for what was previously animal testing for products, and all the animals would be rehomed in kind, caring homes suited to them. Animal cruelty would be a thing of the past. So would poverty. And famine. And war. And racism. Need I go on? I’d just be trying to create an impossible perfect world. I would be most likely to achieve this in my dreams ;)

    Umm… and World Peace lol.
    Hope you feel better soon ((((hugs)))) xxx

    • We have a similar house like that in town. Not to live, it’s only open from 10-5 on most days and some days later, but it is just a place to hang, sit, chill, be. Never been, but can imagine it being a nice haven for a lot of people!

      (Why is no one responding to this post? I thought it was quite a brainteaser actually!)

      • That would be really good. I didn’t mean to live there either, more a place to drop in, and sometimes overnight things. And I said not means tested or exclusive because there are people who have all the ‘things’ but need help so badly too, and I don’t want ANYone to be turned away.

        I don’t think anyone’s replying maybe as it’s the weekend! Things get really quiet on weekends online for me.

  2. Hi
    I’ve returned to this post several times, wanting to comment. But I keep feeling confused about the question. I’d be interested if you could put it into different words. Is there another way of wording it that would keep the same meaning? I keep getting thrown off at the words,”…your attempt COULD NOT FAIL”…

    • I ofcourse mean; cannot fail. So, something you’ve always dreamt of doing, but never dared to. Maybe because you aRE scared it won’t work out as planned? What would you do if you knew it would work? If it cannot fail?

      • OK, thanks for clarifying. Here’s my vision:

        This would be a community space, but I would design it and manage the activities.
        Everything would be funded somehow and I’m not bothering to figure that out in this fantasy….it’s all supported somehow.

        I’d design and have built a large dance space that would have a number of rooms for different kinds of movement oriented activities. Some would be for activities done in silence and on your own. Others would be for movement classes or facilitated group activities. There would be a sound proof room where people could be as noisy as they wanted. There would be a peaceful dining hall where people could come and eat together in silence, a meditative way to eat, where the environment would be beautiful and simple, and support eating in a way that is relaxing and nourishing. So there would also be a kitchen where people could learn from each other different cooking methods and generally get support for healthful eating.

        I would lead body awareness classes, movement meditations and choreograph movement choirs, and I would have excellent sound equipment so we could have great music accompaniment for the weekly evening ecstatic free form dances. On other nights we’d have live drumming and dancing.

        There would be guest teachers and facilitators too. But I’d like there always to be lots of space for people to come and dance, move and meditate anytime.

        There would be an outdoor courtyard where there would be a labyrinth on the ground…very large constructed of flat stepping stones…. Surrounded by plants and a fountain somewhere in the area. I would design the whole thing, but I’d have lots of help installing it. It would be visually beautiful and peaceful. A place to be out doors doing meditative walking on the labyrinth.

        Generally this vision comes out of my love of movement/dance and meditation. As well as having a preference for doing things non-verbally with other people….while at the same time having a lot of autonomy to do my own thing.

      • Your idea has quite some overlappings with Fiona’s, isn’t it? Probably because you share the same (dancing) passion.

        Sounds awesome, a serene yet creative haven. Have you ever thought of looking into living-arrangement home type of things? We have what we call ‘living-groups’, where people live together in a building and have communal spaces. A lot of these groups are super creative people, and the houses just burst with amazing energy

      • Hi Sooz, to your question:
        “Have you ever thought of looking into living-arrangement home type of things”?
        Yes I have. But I have a low tolerance for all the work it takes to get along with other people. I use to live lots of years in communal housing…ie sharing a house with several other people…it takes a lot of work….I’ve learned a lot through doing it but I don’t want to do it anymore. Since your topic was a fantasy it allowed me to leave out anything ‘real’ like how challenging it can be to negotiate arrangements with other people.
        I now live in a little house on a half acre of land in a quiet neighborhood with my husband and our cat. We have nice neighbors and friends that we like to do stuff with occaisionally but mostly we like a lot of solitude.

      • Solitude is nice too. Im a wee bit of a hermit as well. I live alone in a big ass house. But its nice to know I have people to call around, like you have your hubs. And yeah, animals. Always a happy face when we return home!!

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  4. One more…
    Since I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder for a lot of years, I’ve thought a lot about what would help me get well. I have often felt that I know what to do but I don’t have the ability or will power to do it. So my vision would be to have a person live with me for a while who was kind and who could help me put into action what I know I can do to heal. They’d just be with me all the time and they’d be available to help me recognize what I know in my heart is the healthy wise choices and take better actions and what ever I needed to. This kind of vague but I don’t know how else to describe it. So I’ll leave it at that.

    • Not vague; I totally get this. I dreamt of this so often. To not move into a clinic but to have a friendly, experience-expert? type of person come into my home and help me sort shit out. Or just have one inhabit my brain instead ; even more practical (though that won’t provide some well-needed hugs every now and then)

      • Yes exactly…. a friendly experienced expert, but someone who also respects my inner guide and just helps me DO what I know is healthy for me. Yes and can hug me when it’s rough. It’s nice to hear that you’ve dreamt of this too.

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